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Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Content marketing is a form of marketing that involves the production and distribution of content designed to be relevant, informative and engaging to the target audience. Its primary goal is to convert an engaged audience into paying customers. Content can come in many forms including blog posts, editorials, videos, infographics and e-books to name but a few and content marketing as part of an overall marketing strategy can help ecommerce businesses to share something valuable to their audience on top of raising and increasing brand awareness whilst improving their conversion rate.

Guide: How to Marketing E-Commerce Content Marketing

How to Master E-Commerce Content Marketing by SearchEngineJournal is the definitive guide to E-Commerce Content Marketing. This article shares ideas on content creation that will helping brands build authority, backlinks, and an engaged audience on social media which in turn, will generate more sales.

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Contentful is a content management developer platform with an API at its core, and is focused on the simplicity of development.

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MarketMuse's technology is to develop content and allows users to easily benchmark it against similar, high-performing posts. It's solutions will identify new content opportunities, attract the right audience, and improve overall search ranking results over time.

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Curation Suite

Curation Suite is an all in one content curation platform. It allows you to quickly and easily publish and curate content right within a WordPress dashboard and works with any theme and any plugin.

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Matcha helps business owners and marketers create a best-in-class blog for their ecommerce site. Matcha makes publishing high-quality blog content easy and provides tools to attract new site visitors and convert them into email subscribers. Matcha analytics is the only tool to truly show the influence of content on online sales.

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