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Product Recommendation Engines for Ecommerce

Product recommendation engines are sophisticated solutions that understand the intent and preferences of the customer and presents the most relevant products that are likely of interest. In such a competitive and saturated marketplace, product recommendation engines have become a key element when consdering the website design of an ecommerce site.


Boomtrain helps brands use marketing and artificial intelligence to drive engagement and build meaningful relationships with their customers. Boomtrain’s AI-powered Marketing Platform enables marketers to understand and communicate on a 1:1 level, at scale, with a human touch.

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GetBunting provides accurate real-time recommendations that blend seamlessly into ecommerce websites through learning what customers want at each stage of their journey, and then displaying accurate, beautiful recommendations at the right time, in the right place.

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Elastic Path

Ecommerce software leader, Elastic Path, offers digital commerce technology that maximizes revenue and creates great digital experiences for customers.

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Guide: How to Use an Omni Channel Strategy for Your Retail Brand

How to Use an Omni Channel Strategy for Your Retail Brand by BoomTrain discusses why an omni channel strategy is an essential way to bridge the gap between offline and online retail as more customers become digitally connected consumers.

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Guide: Overview of Product Recommendation Engines

Growing in popularity amongst small and medium-sized business owners, Overview Of Product Recommendation Engines by Online-Behavior looks at what product recommendation engines are and how they can be used.

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Resulticks is a true omnichannel marketing automation platform, created by marketers for marketers. Resulticks has several features that differentiates it from run-of-the-mill marketing automation software and digital marketing platforms available in the market.

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Selligent's integrated, omnichannel marketing engagement platform makes it easy to be present—and persuasive—at every twist and turn.

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Sitecore is a customer experience platform that specialises in web content management with the focus of radically transforming how brands interact with their prospects.

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SoftCube provides solutions for businesses to convert customer data into sales. It offers product recommendations for online stores that are similar to what a customer has already viewed or added to their cart in order to increase average order size; event based personalized emails; and personalized push notifications and SMS.

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The Strand Retail suite of personalization products powers e-commerce sites for a customized omnichannel experience that delivers real business value. It offers personalization for every kind of online retail store.

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