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Only 11% of UK buyers shop from Chinese ecommerce sites

Chinese ecommerce sites may be losing out on global trade, as only eleven per cent of UK consumers say that they have purchased from China, according to a new survey. The survey was carried out by Google Consumer Surveys on behalf of the online translation firm One Hour Translation, which offers translation of electronic documents by professional translators for those dissatisfied with machine translation services such as Google Translate.

The survey also found that 23 per cent of Australian shoppers, seventeen per cent of Brazilian shoppers, sixteen per cent of Canadian shoppers, fifteen per cent of French and US shoppers, twelve per cent of German shoppers and only four per cent of Japanese shoppers had bought from a Chinese ecommerce site in the last twelve months. Spanish ecommerce customers lead the field at an impressive 28 per cent.

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Globally, only 15.5 per cent of all shoppers in the countries surveyed had bought from a Chinese ecommerce site during the last year.

One Hour Translation CMO Yaron Kaufman said of the survey: “Our findings show that Chinese ecommerce sites are just beginning to take advantage of the UK market. Chinese web marketers should find effective ways to localise their websites and marketing campaigns in order to leverage the opportunity of gaining market-share in the UK and around the world fully.”

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