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This week sees the Amazon Treasure Truck hit the streets of Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Houston. First debuted in Seattle in 2016, the Amazon Treasure Truck is a quirky vehicle that has been compared to an ice cream truck for grown ups. Offering one discounted item at a time, the Amazon Treasure Truck sells everything from steaks and laptops to books and GoPros.

“At Treasure Truck, we hand-pick our favorite new, trending, local or delicious items, load them on the Truck, then cruise around town spreading joy for everyone with a smartphone and an appetite for fun,” Amazon writes.

It is the first time this year that Amazon has expanded the Treasure Truck idea outside of its home city of Seattle, apart from a recent one-off special appearance in las Vegas as part of the popular Consumer Electronics Show. At the start of the year, Amazon won a patent for the concept of the Treasure Truck that covers the design of the heavily modified Isuzu truck. It plans to expand the concept further to bring roving flash deals to cities all across the USA and who knows, maybe to other cities across the globe.

Amazon Truck Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that are asked about Amazon’s Treaure Truck.

Why is it called the Treasure Truck?

In the words of Amazon themselves, “Amazing Tech ‘n’ Food ‘n’ Toys Mobile was already taken. So, we chose Treasure Truck instead!”

Where are the Amazon Treasure Trucks?

Originally the Amazon Treasure Truck was just in Seattle, but you can now find them in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. Amazon are planning to add new cities all the time so you can sign up with Amazon to receive text notifications as to when they are close to your location.

How to find out what is on the Amazon Treasure Truck

Amazon recommends that people use their text message notification service by simply texting TRUCK to 24193 and then they will let you know about every new offer. To end the alerts, simply text STOP.

Other ways of finding out include in-app notifications that can be activated by visiting the main menu on the app and tapping ‘Treasure Truck Offers’.

How to buy from the Treasure Truck

It’s really easy to buy from Amazon’s Treasure Truck. All that is needed is a Fire Phone, iPhone or an Android Phone that has installed the latest version of the free Amazon app. It’t then just a case of choosing “Programs and Features,” then choosing “Treasure Truck. Then it’s a question of when you are ready to buy, clicking on your pickup location and going to get your item.


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