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Barnardo’s becomes ebusiness leader in mobile HR

UK children’s charity Barnardo’s is set to transform its use of Oracle’s Ebusiness Suite with the launch of a branded Applaud mobile app called MyPlace.

MyPlace will allow employees and volunteers to engage with the charity via their mobile phones, and replaces the existing Oracle self-service screens currently used by Barnardo’s. It is a branded version of Applaud Solutions’ mobile HR app, which allows users to create and receive printable mobile payslips, request leave of absence, and create employee profiles and organisational charts.

The charity’s Information Services Director, Bob Darby, said that: “People and innovation are at the heart of Barnardo’s success, which means it’s critical to have tools like Applaud in place to help us reduce the amount of time and money we spend on administration.” Barnardo’s, based in London, currently employs 8,300 people. An additional 15,000 volunteers will be added to MyPlace at a later date.

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Barnardo’s is the UK’s leading children’s charity, helping nearly a quarter of a million children every year. 91p of every pound received goes towards helping children, with administrative costs being kept to a minimum. Among its services are help with fostering and adoption, protection from sexual exploitation and domestic violence, and campaigning to end child poverty. Founded in 1867 by Dr Thomas Barnardo, a devout Christian who was appalled by the levels of poverty he encountered on coming to London from his home in Dublin, and who set up a series of children’s homes. Barnardo’s no longer operates its homes, but nowadays runs a nationwide chain of charity shops.

Applaud Solutions is a leading provider of mobile apps based on the Oracle Ebusiness Suite. Founded in 2008, it is headquartered in Worthing, Sussex, and also operates an Indian Development Centre in Hyderabad.

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