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Comprehensive new research that has been commissioned by the leading discount site MyDiscountDeals.com has revealed that whilst more and more Australian shoppers are comfortable with making purchases online, almost 9 out of ten of them would not spend more than £5000. Just 3% of those questioned would spend up to £20,000 and just 1.6% would spend up to one million dollars.

The research questioned 750 people aged between 18 and 65 from across Australia and found that in general, Australians love to shop online. Almost 70% of Australians have recently bought something online to make themselves happier. Australians love a good deal too, and this happiness factor is increased even further with 84% of respondents feeling even more satisfaction if there’s a discount involved.

However, whilst convenience and finding a good deal are the main drivers for Australians shopping online, it is perhaps surprising to find out that the research found that the vast majority of Aussie shoppers still prefer to travel to the nearest store to shop for certain products. These include:

  • Groceries – 93%
  • Bags, jewellery and other accessories – 93%
  • Clothing – 89%
  • Financial services and insurance – 89%
  • Electrical goods – 86%
  • Beauty products – 94%
  • Medical items – 97%

Isabella Marco, marketing manager at MyDiscountDeals.com, said: “Whilst the research suggests that online shoppers are becoming more trusting and comfortable with making purchases online, we’re still not ready as consumers to part with serious cash over the internet.

“What we’re seeing is that people really value the convenience and access to great deals you get shopping online, but shopping is still viewed as an activity which involves going into a physical store for many products.

“Ultimately, shoppers love a good discount and a great experience, something which online retailers are increasingly providing. Retail therapy, after all, is a genuine leisure activity for Aussies – shopping should make people feel happy.”

Other takeaways from the research by MyDiscountDeals.com include:

  • 57% of Australian shoppers trust online shopping now more than they used to do.
  • 28% of shoppers say that they have never felt nervous about shopping online, whilst 15% of shoppers say that they still feel nervous when shopping online and tend to avoid it when they can. 10% hate online shopping and only do it when they absolutely have to.
  • 27% decide to buy something online versus in-store due to convenience.
  • 25% of Aussie shoppers decide to buy something online versus in-store due to better deals.
  • 20% of Australians decide to buy something online versus in-store due to more selection.
  • 5% decide to buy something online versus in-store because they find it more enjoyable.

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