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In survey of over 1,000 US shoppers, 66% said they expected at least three product images on any product content page before they would consider buying.

Customer reviews came second in the list of factors influencing purchasing decisions, with 82% of respondents saying that they needed to read at least three customer reviews before buying a product. Millennial shoppers in particular were the most likely to be influenced by their social network connections. A recommendation from a friend on social media was 60% more likely to influence millennial ebusiness customers than customers from any other demographic. 72% of millennials also said that they were more likely to make a purchase based on a photo by other users of the product.

Contrary to received wisdom, price only came third on the list. Salsify CEO, Jason Purcell, said: “Consumers are naturally very price-conscious, but when making purchasing decisions, the research supported what we already believed to be true – strong product content is a critical factor to buy”.

The message to online businesses is that online customers expect to be fully informed before they buy, with 88% of those surveyed saying that they wanted product information to be “accurate, rich and complete”. The main disadvantage that online shopping has over the more traditional bricks and mortar locations is the inability to see what one is buying. To compensate for this, a detailed product content management system is crucial for online business. Customers need to be reassured that they are not ‘buying blind’, and that they know exactly what they can expect to receive once that package lands on their doorstep.


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