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10 Years of Ecommerce Platform Growth in 30 Seconds

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Here’s a bar chart race showing (almost) 10 years of ecommerce platform growth in just 30 seconds.

From 2011, through to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve used data gathered from BuiltWith to chart the rise and fall of the decade’s most used platforms.

As with anything like this, there are various caveats:

  • Data is from BuiltWith.com and is based on when they start tracking an Ecommerce Platform and when they first discover a website using that technology. BuiltWith’s ‘universe’ has grown over the years, and so likely to become more represenative as time moves on.
  • Whilst SquareSpace did see a rapid rise to fame, BuiltWith first began detecting SquareSpace sites when they were already popular/established, which is why they shoot up the chart so quickly.

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