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GoECart Rebrands To Pulse Commerce

GoECart has today unveiled that it will be rebranding to Pulse Commerce. GoECart are a leading enterprise order and inventory management platform that work with mid-market ecommerce merchants. They have chosen to rebrand to Pulse Commerce to reflect their role in delivering a real-time enterprise wide perspective on a merchant’s operations across all retail channels. The new name is part of the company’s wider aim to help mid-market ecommerce companies compete with and win against the world’s largest retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.

These mid-market retailers are currently being squeezed in all directions. Walmart has come to dominate bricks and mortar sales and this is leading to many mid-market retailers to close large proportions of their stores in the face of this threat. In terms of online retail, Amazon is becoming ever more dominant in terms of both B2B and B2C and many mid-market retailers struggle to compete. Added to this, consumers are ever more demanding, expecting to be able to buy anywhere, pick up from anywhere and return anywhere, all with fast and free shipping. Pulse Commerce intends to help mid-market ecommerce retailers engage with these issues and demands.

“We are changing the game, with our modern Order & Inventory Platform that has been purpose-built for the mid-market,” said Manish Chowdhary, Founder & CEO of Pulse Commerce. “Our cloud-based platform, equipped with rich out of the box functionality, powerful APIs and revolutionary usability, serves as the central nervous system of our clients’ commerce operations, giving a complete 360 view of all orders, customers, inventory, products, pricing and promotions across every sales and fulfillment channel at all customer touchpoints. We see Pulse Commerce as a champion for underserved mid-market retailers in the midst of ruthless competition. Our offering is designed to support growth for these retailers and can scale as their businesses grow. This provides higher ROI on their technology investment over time.”

By using Pulse Commerce’s platform, mid-market retailers will be able to improve their order accuracy by up to 80%, ecue the time it takes to process orders by up to 25% and optimize their operating costs, leading to improvements on margins by up to 20%. Current ecommerce who are enjoying the benefits of their platform include Goode Company, Badgley Mischka and Hanesbrands Inc.

Manish Chowdhary added, “Our innovative software architecture and solutions provide our clients with unprecedented visibility into their operations, and is deployed in a fraction of the time of the nearest alternatives. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a David hold its own against a thousand Goliaths! We invite all growth-minded merchants to come talk to us about industry best practices and explore how we can improve their business performance.”

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