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Parcelhub, one of the leading suppliers of ecommerce shipping in the United Kingdom has announced that it has developed direct integration with one of the world’s most popular ecommerce and order management platforms, WooCommerce.

Offering both B2B and B2C parcel delivery, Parcel Hub is a fast growing company and works with over 500 of the UK’s leading brands and companies helping them to save both time and money on their distribution. Distributing between 300,000 and 600,000 parcels per month, the company a workforce of 85 and has 4 distribution centres placed strategically across the UK to help businesses all across the country scale up and their ecommerce shipping and make it more efficient.

WooCommerce now powers approximately 30% of all online stores in the world, with 12,732 businesses in the United Kingdom using the platform to power their ecommerce efforts. Because of the popularity of WooCommerce in the UK, Parcelhub received a large number of requests from users of the platform for seamless integration which has led to the company’s IT team to develop a direct integration.

IT Director of Parcelhub said:

“As part of an ongoing business strategy, we are working towards integrating with every major eCommerce platform. WooCommerce was chosen at this point due to customer demand. It’s easy-to-use API and online documentation meant the Dev team could go from zero to beta in less than one week, with the first general customer release after 2 weeks. Currently we are nearing completion on three projects; new integrations for ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks and Magento.”

The first customer of Parcelhub to use the new integration with WooCommerce was the leading chocolate ecommerce site The Amazon Chocolate Workshop. Originally only selling offline, it was their customers that urged them to sell online. Ed Starr, one of the founders said:

“Lots of shopping centre customers asked if we would sell online, and the reason we didn’t was initially because chocolate gifts such as ours are fragile. Following research into bespoke packaging, we launched our ecommerce website on the popular WooCommerce platform, to support the brick and mortar side of the business. Bucking the trend for most online retailers, the majority of The Amazing Chocolate Workshop’s online purchases are attributable to our nationwide presence at market stalls and shopping centres. Brick and mortar has been excellent for increasing brand awareness and driving online purchases”.

Thanks to working with Parcelhub on previous ventures, they knew that the company would be the right fit for their ecommerce delivery needs.

“Because we’d worked with Parcelhub during previous business ventures, we already knew that it was the appropriate multi-carrier solution for our startup. Parcelhub offered us the opportunity to use one system to select loads of different carriers for next day, early morning and weekend deliveries. It gives us the power to utilise the appropriate carrier depending on level of urgency, dimensions and destination.”

More and more Parcelhub customers are taking up the new offering of WooCommerce direct integration.


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