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A new partnership has been announced between Global Access, the leading provider of cross-border ecommerce technology and shipping solutions and RevCascade, the ecommerce marketplace automation platform that is used by many retailers and brands across the world. The new partnership will combine cross-border logistics with the best in marketplace automation.

Josh Wexler, CEO of RevCascade said:

“Global Access is the best ecommerce cross border technology and shipping solution in the market today, and our partnership adds critical functionality to our marketplace automation platform. Until now, the complexities and uncertainties inherent in cross-border commerce have limited the ability of retailers and brands to reach their full revenue potential. This powerful partnership will provide retailers, marketplaces, and brands control and confidence in offering products to consumers around the world.”

Equally upbeat about the new partnership was David Nielsen, CEO of Global Access.

“Together, Global Access and RevCascade offer retailers, marketplaces, and brands a solution for international growth that has never before been available. RevCascade has become known as the de facto platform for anyone looking to launch or join an e-commerce marketplace or dropship program. At the same time, our turnkey international cross-border e-commerce solution is robust, transparent and simple to integrate, from small independent vendors to large brands alike. For brands selling products on marketplaces powered by RevCascade and Global Access, it will now be just as easy to ship products to Moscow as it is to ship them to Maryland. We are changing the way brands sell and consumers shop on e-commerce marketplaces.”

The new partnership will offer benefits to retailers, brands, consumers and marketplaces.

  • Retailers and marketplaces will now be able to easier partner with brands from around the world, enabling them to offer their customers a broader range of products.
  • Brands will not be able to sell products to anywhere in the world without being held back by the complexities that can occur when selling across international borders.
  • Consumers can now shop for products from around the world with the same confidence as if they are shopping with a local merchant.

There was further positive news this week for Global Access when they were named as one of the finalists for the Direct Selling Association’s DSA Partnership Award. This award aims to recognise those supplier companies that provide a service or a product that has had a measurable and significant impact on the development of growth of a direct selling member compare its profitability. Talking about their selection as a finalist, CEO David Nielson of Global Access said:

“We built our company to simplify the complexities of cross-border direct sales and deliver a consumer experience that builds loyalty to our customers’ brands around the world. We’ve had the privilege to work with a number of fantastic companies over the last 15 years, and we’re proud to have played a part in their success.”


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