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California ecommerce solutions provider Gear Commerce has announced the launch of SOHO VR, a new virtual reality shopping experience.

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The software will allow retailers to create storefronts easily in any major virtual reality platform.

Ezio Magarotto, the Vice President of User Experience Design for Gear Commerce said: “We see that virtual reality is exploding. In fact, we predict that vCommerce will grow to over $425 million in sales in 2016. The marketplace is demanding a way to bring ecommerce into this new virtual world. It is simply the new frontier of shoppers’ engagement with businesses and their products. That’s why Gear Commerce created SOHO VR, which offers one solution for branding your products in a VR space.”

SOHO VR contains all the features necessary for creating an online shop in a virtual reality environment. Retailers will be able to provide 3D images for their product pages and stores, add customised voiceovers and other sounds, and create a virtual checkout for customers to buy their products. Product information can be downloaded from the Cloud, or installed on the premises.

There will be an unlimited number of products and categories available to users. Since branding is important to businesses, the ability to customise the store to your brand is paramount, and SOHO VR features the ability to work with multiple brands and sites.

SOHO VR has all the security features that one would expect from an ecommerce product and conforms to the latest security and open technology standards.

With VR enabling, customers can simply go to your website’s existing URL in any of the supported VR browsers. You can also add your store to the list of selectable stores on SOHO VR Marketplace, a free app available on all the leading VR platforms’ app stores.


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