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Sunday night saw the announcement that YuuZoo’s new European joint venture, YuuLog Europe that was recently set up between YuuZoo and the management team of Cinram France has bought the business and assets of Cinram France.

About YuuZoo

YuuZoo operates from several locations across the world including Asia, Africa and now since the acquisition of Cinram France, Europe. Having built a partly patented mobile and online technology platform which offers several, in-house developed products that can be used in a unique and fully localized manner, the company offers highly targeted ecommerce, social networking, payments and gaming to hundreds of millions of customer across the world.


WIth a total of more than four billion customers directly and through franchisees and partners in more than 60 countries, YuuZoo reaches a huge global audiences through computers, laptops and smartphones and is one of the world’s most dynamic ecommerce and tech companies.

About Cinram France

Cinram France (Cinram Logistics France or CLM) is the French market leader in the entertainment and distribution sector. With a history that stretches back more than 40 years, it seres a large network of well-known and big-brand customers that include entertainment and ecommerce companies such as ASOS, Amazon, Zalando, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox.


Cinram France’s operations are wide-ranging and cover everything from order to cash in customer management. With fully owned warehouses and offices sitting on 60,000 sqm of fully owned land, the ecommerce capabilities of Cinram France are expansive and include reverse logistics, co-packing, outbound/inbound and cross-dock.


Says Thomas Zilliacus, Executive Chairman of YuuZoo Corporation Limited: “YuuZoo has through the acquisition of the assets and business of CLF in one stroke achieved 3 major things. First, the Company has gone from being only a social commerce marketplace operating primarily in the developing world, to become a complete end-to-end eCommerce player in the huge European eCommerce market. Second, the Company has acquired a large new customer base consisting of some of the world’s strongest brands in entertainment and eCommerce. Third, the Company has added a very strong European team of some 250 people that will be central to YuuZoo’s European expansion”, he concludes.

The Future For YuuZoo

The acquisition of Cinram France will serve as the base for the expansion into Europe by YuuZoo which will be furthered by resellers, marketing partners and franchisees. Thanks to this new base, its start-to-finish ecommerce capabilities as well as its offices in Asia, it will allow YuuZoo to offers its many services to companies across the Asia region which wish to enter the European market.


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