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Wix Website Platform Builder Review is a leading cloud-based development platform that allows users to build beautiful and professional websites with relative ease. They are one of the main website builders on the market. This review will provide an overview of Wix’s website builder platform, who the website builder is best suited for, it’s price plans and which is best, as well as a demo on how easy it is to use Wix in order to create a website. We will conclude this Wix review with a list of pros and cons.

  • Price - 8/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Support - 5/10
  • Ease of Use - 6/10

Wix Website Builder

One of the better packed website builders however a few times of contacting support we found that they were slow and gave incorrect answers.

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Wix Overview

The Wix website builder has everything a user need to create a fully personalized, high-quality free website so whether you want to create a site to market your company or to set up an ecommerce business to sell your products and services online, Wix has a tools and features that will suit your needs.

Who is Wix best suited for?

Everyone. With no coding experience or design skills required, Wix is designed to be intuitive and easy to use so whether you are a student or a small business owner, Wix has the resources including hundreds of design templates which will help you create a professional, functional website. It’s also free, to a certain extent (more details on pricing in the next section) so those on a tight budget, such as students, who are already neck deep in loans ,or micro businesses, for which managing and minimizing costs are key to the company, will likely find this to be a very attractive choice.

Pricing – How much does Wix cost?

To a certain extent, Wix is free. Yes, it’s really free. Without upgrading to one of their premium plans, you get up to 500MB of storage, 1GB bandwidth, unlimited pages, secure website hosting and a mobile responsive design, all for absolutely free. However, should you require extra features such as increased storage, domain connection, a customized favicon or the ability to build an online store, Wix offers a number of different price plans with varying levels of features and add-ons. Their most popular price plans is the unlimited price plan, ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This plan gives you unlimited bandwidth, up to 10GB of storage and also includes the form builder app, allowing you to collect invaluable data from visitors and generate leads.

Wix pricing table

Which Wix price plan is best?

This really all depends on your needs. If you are looking to build an online store then you won’t be able to do this on the basic free option. The eCommerce plan at $16.50 per month is probably more suitable for your requirements.

Why upgrade?

For those who simply want to be able to connect an existing domain, you’ll only need to upgrade to the Connect Domain plan at just $4.50 per month. Which plan suits you will all depend on which features you need and which you don’t. If you want more features than what the free plan offers then you have no choice but to upgrade.

Is Wix easy to use? – How it works

After signing up, you are asked to select a template depending on the type of website you wish to create. Once you have selected the template for your site, you’ll be shown a short introductory video on how to start editing your site. Then when you’re ready, just hit the ‘edit this site’ button along the top and you can begin to personalize your site to your heart’s content.

How to edit your site on Wix?

insert template image

Wix templates

Click anywhere on the screen where you want to change .e.g the title or the background image, and resizing handles, dragging buttons, and icons will appear.  Select and edit away or drag and drop. To edit and format text, simply double click.  If you are unsure about your changes, simply click the undo button. Compared to Weebly and Sqaurespace, you have much more freedom to place objects where you want them. What’s also helpful is that upon moving your objects about the page, guides will appear in order to assist with on page positioning and to ensure that they are in line with other objects and elements on the page. You’ll notice that upon clicking on the page, a help icon in the form of a question mark will also pop up. Click on this to expand the content and it will help you to understand what it is you can do here..

insert title image

Wix Website Editor Title

The drag and drop style editor makes it easy to edit your site. To add extra elements to your template, select from the add button on the left hand side of your screen where you see the + sign. Here you can drag and drop elements onto your template such as social media icons, contact forms, menus and so on. Just click on the element you want, hold and drag it into position. It’s that simple.

insert Add gif or image.

Wix Add

On the left you will also find the upload icon. Use this to upload media to your site from images to videos to music. With Wix you can not only upload media files from your computer, you can also upload them directly from online sources e.g. social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.Unlike Weebly ot Sqaurespace, your media file is saved once you upload it so you can reuse them whereever you wish to on the site rather having to re-uload them if you want to use them in another place on your site.

Insert social upload image

Wix Website Editor social images

You can further enhance your site by adding third party or wix created apps from the app market e.g. you might want to add a booking form app if you are creating a website for a salon or a restaurant.

insert app image

Wix Website Editor Apps

To the right of the, you will also have access to a toolbar where you are able to resize, arrange align and duplicate elements.

You can also add animations to elements upon loading and synchronise the movement of multiple objects around the page by clicking more than one object at a time. Simply click on an object, hold the command key down and click on the second object. Select to group these elements together and each time you go to move one object, the second object will move also.

insert toolbar image

Wix Website Editor Toolbar

Insert group elements image

Wix Website Editor Group Elements

For those who find it hard to get out of te habit of using the right click function on your mouse well fear not. The right click option, unlike on Weebly or Sqaurespace, actually functions on Wix. By right clicking on the template/an object, you will also be presented with edit options that you can actually select from.

insert right click image

Wix Website Editor Right Click

Wix also allows you to create an ecommerce website although you will need to select the Ecommerce plan to be able to put transactions through and receive payments. Check out our review of the Wix Ecommerce platform here.

And when you are finally finished with your brand new website and are ready to showcase it to the world, simply hit the Publish button on the top right hand corner.

Wix Website Builder Conclusion

There is no doubt that Wix is a great website builder and continues to be the first choice for many, particularly those who are novices. Whether you are a student working on an website project, a photographer wanting to showcase their portfolio of work or a small business owner looking to set up some online presence for their company whether that simply be an informational site or a full on transactional, ecommerce platform, Wix is designed for anyone and everyone to use.

Pros of Wix Website Builder

Wix’s design interface and drag and drop website builder is a breeze to use and makes creating your website a fun rather than daunting task. Wix also stays abreast of trends and continue to release new and advanced features that are easy to use. No coding required.

Wix has a portfolio of hundreds of professional, contemporary design templates created with different industries in mind. From hospitality to wellness, and from business to events, you’ll be able to choose the right template to suit your needs.

Wix can be free for those who do not require it’s more advanced features or extra storage and bandwidth. If you just require no more than 500MB of storage and up to 1GB bandwidth then you can get access to hundreds of beautiful templates, unlimited pages and secure web hosting without paying a penny. For those who want to be able to do a bit more then Wix has a number of price plans, each with different allowances and features to suit your site requirements.

Cons of Wix Website Builder

When it comes to building a website with Wix, you are unable to switch from one design template to another should you change your mind. If you choose to switch to another template down the line then you will need to recreate your pages which can be quite a laborious task.

If you’re using the ‘free’ Wix plan then you need to welcome the adverts that come with it. Adverts will show up down the side and along the bottom of your website when published. The only way to remove these adverts is by upgrading to at least the Combo price plan.

As per our Wix Ecommerce Platform review, Wix is more geared towards standard website building than it is for ecommerce store building. It lacks in certain automated features that can some tasks labor intensive such as the maintenance of order statuses e.g. shipped/paid etc. and the inability to automatically send email notifications to customers to confirm their payment.

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