Ecommerce SEO Consultancy

As a key factor in driving traffic to ecommerce websites, search engine optimisation (SEO) is kind of a big deal. With the right approach, SEO can drive high amounts of highly relevant traffic to your ecommerce site, increasing conversion and sales.

Ecommerce SEO Consultancy

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As a constantly evolving landscape, this area needs a well-versed SEO consultant or agency who specialises in the field of ecommerce SEO.

Search optimisation transverses both technical and content-based aspects of a website, as well as pulling in digital marketing just to make things a little more interesting. For that reason alone, employing someone who knows what they’re doing could save you years of missed opportunity and wasted cost. With strategy and fine-tuning, a well optimised ecommerce site will attract customers, gain higher traffic and have more success. In a nutshell, take care of your SEO and it’ll take care of you.

Your Ecommerce SEO Experts

Carl Hendy

Advisor, SEO Consultant, and Angel Investor. Previous B Corp award-winning agency owner (acquired).

18 years of experience in SEO and ecommerce advisory roles, covering both strategy and technical execution. I have previously worked on SEO strategies for BlackRock, British Airways, Aviva, John Lewis, O2, Eventbrite, Marks & Spencer, NAP Group, Bwin.Party and BetFair. Carl competed within the most competitive search verticals such as travel, fashion, iGaming, health, credit cards, and insurance.

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Dan Barker

Dan Barker

Background of 20+ years working with digital technology, from software engineer through various marketing, data, ecommerce, fintech and other projects through to CMO of a couple of international businesses, non-exec, trustee, etc, having worked across many areas, for more than 100 brands in both freelance and in-house capacities. I enjoy spending time learning, and working with positive organisations to make a difference.

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We offer a free service where our team can help you find the appropriate ecommerce SEO specialist or agency to develop a progressive SEO strategy for your ecommerce business.Some of the ecommerce SEO challenges our experts can help you to address include:

  • Multi-country SEO
  • Duplicate content
  • Pagination and faceted filtering
  • Google Panda and Google Penguin issues
  • Navigational issues
  • URL structure
  • Low organic search ranking
  • CMS SEO issues
  • Architectural limitations

SEO doesn’t have to be expensive. It all depends on who you talk to.

As ecommerce consultants ourselves, we know how to cut through the buzzwords and hype to assess what an SEO service could really do for your business. Unfortunately ‘SEO audit’ and many other key practices have no ‘industry standard’ and can, therefore, differ from agency to agency and consultant to consultant.

That’s why we put SEO consultants who merge talent with experience together with the businesses who want to achieve their goals within a budget and timeframe they can afford. Some of the services we can help you to find the best people for include:

Ecommerce SEO Consultancy

Some clients already have a pretty good view of where they’re at and just need that final push of up-to-the-minute SEO knowledge to get them to page one. Others, need to know what ‘SEO’ means and a full strategy on how to implement it within their ecommerce offering. Either is fine.

The SEO consultants we work with can dig-deep into your ecommerce business to gain a clear overview of what you need to improve SEO and start attracting high volumes of customers through search. Next, they’ll provide plain-English recommendations on how to put changes into place. Or they can do it for you, keeping you fully updated at every step of the way.

Ecommerce SEO Audits

A full SEO audit will look at everything from the keywords you currently rank for to your site’s technical architecture and where your traffic comes from. This initial assessment will give you a full view of your current SEO status before you implement any changes.

The goal of an SEO audit is to identify current status, challenges and opportunities that could be implemented to drive more impressions, visits and conversions. Using sophisticated tools and insight, a full audit will look at hidden issues within the coding or architecture of your site which you and your users may not notice. It’ll also flag glaringly obvious errors, quick fixes and risk levels across backlinks.

Some of the areas an SEO audit can determine to include:

  • Current keyword performance
  • Duplicate content
  • Site hierarchy challenges
  • Link authority
  • Coding errors

Ecommerce search engine strategy

Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing (SEM) encompass much more than just keywords. It covers everything from sitemaps, through to links, word count and page loading time.

Crawl before you can walk
Before an actionable SEO strategy can be put into place, an SEO expert will analyse your website and find the weak spots. They’ll look into the technical infrastructure, the front-page content and the keyword targeting so see how far you are away from where you need to be, using the latest SEO tools and crawling software. They’ll review competitor sites to see where the best inbound links are coming from, the site architectures that work and the most popular keywords within your market. Then, they’ll package it up with actionable insights that you can use from the moment go.

Identifying error
Technical factors such as site speed and broken links can all affect the SEO of your ecommerce site, as well as the user’s experience. Identifying errors like this is all in a day’s work for an SEO consultant and a good one will leave no stone unturned.

On-page optimisation
On-page optimisation is a key area within search engine strategy and is completely within the control of an SEO expert to implement, allowing you to make fast iterations that improve ranking. Optimisation from the site structure, down to rich snippets, internal linking and ensuring that your site is mobile responsive, will attract leads and keep them where they need to be when they get there.

Along with highly-readable website copy, your blogposts, product descriptions and rich snippets should be as keyword-optimised as they are enticing. The ecommerce SEO experts we recommend can give you a structured plan on how to write content and copy in this way, help write it for you or find someone else who can, giving you a full end-to-end solution.

When it comes to the links that send traffic to your business, only quality inbound links are useful. An SEO consultant or agency will analyse your current inbound links and take measures to keep only the ones that matter. They’ll then help you create link-building strategies where you can earn the right to relevant, high-value links from reputable sources through content such as blogposts, thought-comments and infographics.

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Specialist Ecommerce SEO Services

International SEO

If you’re selling products across the world, you need an ecommerce website that caters to your needs. Geotargeting your content within key areas such as pricing, shipping and timezones are all key considerations in ecommerce and will affect the reach and success of your products. One of the reasons many sites shy away from international SEO (or even pretend it doesn’t exist) is because of the wide variety of areas it needs to be implemented in. Your site’s code, SEO data, site structure and content need to signal an international presence if they are to have success in any market other than your own.

In ecommerce, where it’s often as easy to sell to abroad as it is at home, bringing in the right SEO expert who has experience of international SEO will produce a game-changing effect on sales and profit.

Dealing with duplicate content

Analysing and managing duplicate content can often be an arduous task but one that’s essential when it comes to locking down your content as the most relevant on the web. Singling out your content, with the removal of any copies, helps you prove to search engine bots that your content is the original and therefore the best content to surface to potential customers. In ecommerce, where similar products and services often require a level of synchronicity, finding creative ways to provide individual descriptions, titles and keywords for each product are just one consideration that our contacts can help you find assistance for.

Rectifying Google Panda and Google Penguin issues

Changes to search ranking factors within Google and other search engines can often leave businesses with severe penalties, through no fault of their own. Old tactics which were once considered okay (such as link-building) now have a negative effect on your site credibility, seriously lowering the amount of traffic you are likely to receive. Matching you with those who are up-to-date with all search engine regulations and ranking factors can allow you to quickly rectify and rebuild, helping your site to climb back to where it’s meant to be.

Reviewing site architecture

The site architecture and structure of an ecommerce website involves many factors and complex integrations, often unrecognisable by the final product stage. Elements such as user experience, reporting, data flow and payment process will all affect what the architecture of a site looks like. When beginning a new ecommerce project, it is much easier to create a logical site structure where you map out user journeys, which can then be developed later down the line. Similarly, the base for the catalogue of products can be developed, allowing you to premeditate the space needed to scale at a later date.

When the site is already built, site architecture is slightly more difficult. We are able to suggest a mix of ecommerce specialists and agencies who are able to cover both existing and future sites, to organise site architecture that leads to a seamless user experience and great flow.

Correcting CMS SEO issues

Some content management systems, such as WordPress, are built with SEO in mind. This means that they have the features needed for good SEO built within the product, providing you with the tools you need to execute a stellar SEO performance. Sometimes, it is necessary to choose a CMS which doesn’t prioritise SEO ahead of say, user experience or scalable technical function. In these cases (and with all Content management systems), this can lead to SEO issues that the ecommerce site owner is often unaware of. Until they see their google ranking rapidly drop that is.

Technical details such as page load time and making elements of the page crawlable are all defined by the CMS and can cause problems if changes are made. At other times, algorithmic changes within Google such as Panda can cause penalties if your CMS duplicates content or changes URLs without you realising. The SEO ecommerce specialists we work with are able to minimise the effects of any such changes and predict future issues before they happen. Staying on top of changes within the search engine optimisation world is key to minimising clashes with your CMS and stopping any negative effects before they get too far.

To find out about any of the ecommerce SEO services we have specialists for, fill in our free ecommerce consultation form today. We’ll get right back to you.

Dan Barker
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Carl Hendy Ecommerce Consultant
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