Ecommerce Guides


The Internet is arguably the best sales environment ever created. For very little cost, any independent retailer, small business or one-man band can reach out into international consumer markets and compete on an almost even keel with global names. The web has levelled the playing field, and with the right tools, resources and strategy, your business can claim a slice of this pie.

From eBay and Amazon downwards, ecommerce has changed the way consumers worldwide think about shopping. Even today, the terms on which retailers do business online are becoming even more streamlined, providing a better customer experience and a higher margin sale. Whatever line of business you are in, there are significant opportunities to sell online, and to capitalise on demand for your wares across a global audience.

There are also plenty of free software tools, paid applications and marketing channels that you need to get to grips with for best results. Approaching ecommerce for the first time can seem daunting. There’s a lot of information available, and plenty of self-proclaimed experts with their own slant. In reality, the key to success lies largely in the execution, and in this book, we’ll look at how you should set up, market, manage and run your online store for profit.