Hybris Review

Last Updated
October 2, 2023

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Price from

$4500(per month)

Used by

Benefit Cosmetics, Brita, Aldo, Honeywell, HTC

Hybris Ecommerce Platform Overview

hybris’ commerce solution is “omnichannel at its core,” allowing merchants to integrate digital and physical consumer touch points into one solution. With both B2C and B2B offerings, merchants can use hybris to run ecommerce, mobile, POS, call center, social media, and print on a single platform.

hybris has a robust product content management capabilities that allow companies to collaboratively build and manage product data across multiple touchpoints. It also provides centralised order management so merchants have a single view of order information across all channels. This makes back office management easier and merchants are able to offer a better shopping experience by implementing flexible pickup and fulfilment options to customers.

It’s also easy to cater to international markets with hybris. The solution has multi-site, multi-region, and multi-currency features out of the box, making it a great platform for retailers who have customers all over the world.

Reasons to use Hybris Ecommerce Platform

  • Strong product content management features that make it easy for product managers, marketers, and pricers to manage merchandise information and bring products to market quickly
  • Robust localisation features, including the ability to determine the right language and currency for a site
  • Strong customer experience features that allow merchants to dynamically deliver 1-to-1 experiences
  • Omnichannel capabilities out of the box

Hybris Ecommerce Platform Features

  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • Strong content management features
  • Robust localisation features

Hybris Ecommerce Platform Pros & Cons


  • Built-in omnichannel features
  • International-friendly options that automatically detect the best currency and language for a site
  • Option to deploy software on premises, on demand, or as a managed service
  • Pre-configured solutions to enable merchants to go live quickly


  • Limited resources when it comes to integration and customisation
  • Limited community support
  • Reportedly poor documentation
  • Reporting capabilities leaves much to be desired
  • Licenses start at $54,000 a year
Ease of use
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