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Ecommerce can be one of the most profitable, scalable forms of business when you have the right team in place.

We offer free recommendations on ecommerce consultancy for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to hire an ecommerce consulting firm, a one-off service or a dedicated freelancer to help with your ecommerce needs, we’ll match you up with your best fit.

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Some of the services we can help you find reputable contacts for include:

  • CMS decision making
  • Ecommerce replatforming
  • Migration and execution
  • Ecommerce web development and build
  • SEO consultancy
  • Payment gateway advice and support


Our why

Finding the right ecommerce consultancy for your business can be hard. More than 10 years in ecommerce consulting has shown us the difference between a good ecommerce service and a bad one. For businesses of all sizes, it’s crucial to get it right the first time round. Technical jargon, long-winded proposals and bias recommendations, they’re not welcome here. Instead, we use our knowledge in ecommerce consulting to handpick the best match from our network of vetted, ecommerce experts. We offer this as a free service, because when you’re investing in making your ecommerce solutions better, you shouldn’t have to pay for the recommendation as well.

Free, simple and impartial recommendations to quickly get you to the service or company you need – because that’s where the real work starts.

How the site works

You fill out the form above describing your ecommerce needs. While you take a nap or catch up on Netflix, we take your information, digest it and go off in search of the best agency, freelancer or service to address your project. As ecommerce consultants ourselves, we know what we’re looking for and the right questions to ask. Saving you time, hassle and the potential pitfall of choosing the wrong partner.

Once we’ve matched up your needs with the right person or agency, we’ll put you in touch with them.

If the chemistry’s right (and we’re sure it will be) you have the best fit for your project and we’ll have made two businesses better. Then we go off in search of the next business to help, completely content if we never see you again. With the right fit, we may not need to.

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Our little black book

Some of the ecommerce areas we can help you find specialists for include:

CMS decisions

The content management system (CMS) is the foundation of your entire ecommerce platform. It’s the front door to your company and the home to your products.

With a big decision like that, it’s natural to want a little help.

The ecommerce experts we know are fluent in content management and can help you navigate the benefits, disadvantages and costs of systems such as Magneto, Shopify, ATG, DemandWare, Hybris, WooCommerce and more. With knowledge of each, they’re well-placed to help you find the right fit and not just the one that fits them.

They’ll help you choose between self-hosted and hosted, whether the ecommerce and CMS run in unity or as separate entities and many other key decisions. They’ll look beyond the basic CMS and decipher whether it has the right features, add-ons and ability to scale, depending on your business needs, both long and short term. Some of the options they can offer support and advice on include:

Hosted Ecommerce platform

A full-service ecommerce platform such as Shopify is a common approach and will be relevant for many online and multi-channel businesses. This allows you to build up your own site that’s optimised for retailing, with an in-built CMS for adding content such as blogposts, product titles and descriptions.

Self-hosted Ecommerce platform

This type of ecommerce platform is integrated with a CMS, allowing you to take full control over the look and feel of your products and customer experience. Popular examples include WooCommerce and Magneto. This options fits those looking to scale their offering and have full control over their product.

Separate brand and ecommerce platforms

This is a slightly less-common approach, often used as an interim method when large entities are rolling out ecommerce function across various territories. Or for small businesses (such as bloggers) where they wish to sell a product but keep this separate from their primary site for brand perception purposes.

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Choosing a payment gateway

Choosing the right payment gateway is crucial to the commercial success of your business. Often underestimated, this is the part of the customer experience where they note the credibility of your business and make a final decision to part with their money.

For that reason, paying adequate time and attention to choosing the correct payment gateway will be the difference between making and losing a sale. The ecommerce consultants we work with are fluent in the different systems and how to optimise them for ultimate success.

Some of the payment gateways our experts are able to advise on include:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Amazon payments
  • Worldpay
  • BitPay
  • Paymentwall
  • TransferWise
  • WePay

As well as individual platforms, we can also recommend payment gateway consultants who are able to help you work on the below areas:

PCI Compliance

Ensuring you’re PCI Compliant will allow you to sell products online and take payments, ensuring the safety and data protection of your company and your customers.


Cross-selling is a technique that has been used in retail since its inception as a way to make additional sales through showing customers other products they may be interested in. Smart cross-selling ensures that your customers only see the products they are interested in, increasing your chance to sell and providing the customer with a tailored shopping experience.


Up-selling is the process of enhancing the product or offering your customer has already shown a qualified interest in. Perhaps they want to add gift wrap, go large, or even just pay for an express delivery. Having the right triggers in place will help them get there.

Checkout optimisation

Years of testing and optimisation may tell you that the best checkout process for your customers is just three lines long and uses PayPal. But when time is the essence, a good ecommerce consultant can help you to get there more quickly. Optimising your checkout process will lead to faster transactions, higher sales figures and repeat custom.

Replatforming your ecommerce business

Over time, ecommerce platforms and CMS’ may change their aims and business setups until they are no longer the right fit for your business. Similarly, your business may change the goal posts, through a re-brand or growth and the perfect platform you started out with won’t be right for where your business is now.

A replatforming such as changing from Shopify to Magneto, or exchanging WooCommerce for WP eCommerce, could be the answer. However, given the scope of such a change, replatforming can often seem overwhelming. That’s why we match businesses looking to replatform, which knowledgeable, experienced technicians and ecommerce experts who can help make the process easy.

The ecommerce experts we work with have both knowledge and experience; two key aspects that help to mitigate risks of lost data or business downtime when in the process of a complex migration. Some of the services they offer include:

Replatforming reasoning

Choosing to migrate your business to a new platform is a big decision. Sometimes it can help to chat it through with someone who’s worked across hundreds of migrations. There are many different reasons you may be considering a replatform including:

  • To improve agility
  • To lower cost and outlay
  • To improve functionality or add new features
  • To grow a business or division
  • To rebrand a company or sub-company

The right ecommerce consultant will help you to assess the benefit against the outlay of replatforming your ecommerce business and if you’re still unsure, can consult on the alternatives.

Ecommerce platform selection

Once you make the decision to replatform your next step is choosing a new home. Perhaps you have one in mind but want to firm up a few details. Or maybe you aren’t happy with your current service provider but want more insight into alternatives, from someone who’s actually worked with them. An ecommerce consultant will be able to give you impartial advice, backed by insight and experience, allowing you to make an informed decision on ecommerce platform selection, that will last you for years to come.

Replatforming process and migration

There is much more to a replatforming than meets the eye. Ensuring that all of the data is stored effectively, that disruption to users is minimal and that the new site has the appropriate functionality from the off, are key considerations. Getting it right the first time will save months, and potentially years, of hardship and cost later down the line.

The ecommerce professionals we recommend will help you through all of the below stages, ensuring that the end solution meets your end goals:

  • Information gathering
  • Sequencing
  • Architecture review
  • Solution blueprinting
  • Design
  • Implementation and migration
  • System testing
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Documentation and final sign-off
  • Post-replatforming support

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Ecommerce strategy consulting

A well-optimised ecommerce site could help you to dramatically increase traffic, conversion rate and spend per customer. The ecommerce consultants we recommend are able to execute a sophisticated ecommerce strategy across a multitude of platforms, with global reach.

A few of the skillsets we can match you up with include:

Ecommerce SEO consultancy

Without search engine optimisation it is unlikely your website or products will be found. In a continually changing landscape, a strong SEO strategy is the only way to future-proof your site against changes to your online presence. From technical analysis, through to keyword targeting, meta data and online content, employing an expert will allow you to target each area in tangent. With the right ecommerce consultant, you can implement sustainable changes, that will grow your business and attract new and existing customers.

Customer acquisition and retention

Pairing both a technical and a user-driven approach will create a site that attracts customers organically. A progressive customer acquisition strategy will help your target audience find exactly what they need, leading to more sales across products. Feel like your website is underperforming? Often, you’ll have the right content and products in place and all it takes is long-term strategy to help your customers find them.

Conversation rate optimisation

Attracting the right customers is the first step. Next, it takes a data-driven approach of market and individual business knowledge to turn them into customers. With ecommerce support, you’ll find ways to fill gaps in your marketing funnel and increase revenue as a result. Analysis and measurement of your customer acquisition strategy will provide actionable insights into who your customers are and what they want. Allowing you to adjust not only your ecommerce site but your entire marketing spectrum accordingly.

Pay per click, content marketing and social media

Many of the eccomerce experts we touch base with have a deep-level understanding of how the full marketing mix contributes to a business. Perhaps you have the right content and website structure in place, but no way of getting customers there. Or a coupon campaign to execute but no idea of the right vehicle to promote it. We can put you in touch with someone who gets ecommerce and also gets marketing, to create you a full-service ecommerce marketing strategy that brings in customers and ultimately, revenue.

Does the shoe fit?

If you’re looking for an ecommerce consultant or agency who can help you with a developed ecommerce strategy across content, marketing, conversion or customer acquisition we’ll help you find one. Fill in our free consultation form today to get started.

Ecommerce platforms our experts cover

If you know the platform you want, all you need is the right expert who’s fluent in its language. Some of the areas our experts specialise in include:


Magneto is one of the most scalable ecommerce platforms and is therefore suited to a wide range of businesses and ecommerce sites. We can help you find the right fit from a pool of talented developers who are familiar with the platform and its nuances, in order to provide you a bespoke solution.


Shopify may be one of the most well-known ecommerce platforms but it still takes a knowledgeable consult to be able to make the most of the platform and achieve real growth. The ecommerce consultants and agencies we work with are able to navigate both design and technical aspects to create you a Shopify shopfront that fulfils top-line company aims.


If you think the cloud-based ecommerce platform Demandware may be the best fit for your product, it’s worth gaining the experience of an expert. Platforms such as Demandware can recommend a ‘Demandware’ expert to assist in your design and build. The benefit of an impartial ecommerce consultancy service is that they’ll look at skillsets both within Demandware and beyond, to ensure you finish with a perfect ecommerce product.


Oracle’s ATG ecommerce platform provides a complete ecommerce software platform that ties in with SaaS add-ons to create a personalised, targeted approach to ecommerce. Employing an ecommerce expert in ATG will help you make the most of the features that set ATG apart from other ecommerce platforms, capitalising on your investment.


HYbris is an ecommerce platform that comes with full source, allowing you to modify to your heart’s desire. To create a platform that’s unique to your ecommerce needs, a HYbris expert will take a brief and turn it into a bespoke platform that will lead to the achievement of your business goals.


For those already on the WordPress CMS, WooCommerce may seem like the obvious choice. An experienced ecommerce consultant will take a look at your needs to decide if WooCommerce is the right platform for you and if it is, will help you to implement it in line with your short and long term vision.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Fill in our free consultation form and we’ll match you up with the best expert we know (and we know a good few).