Oracle ATG Web Commerce Review

Last Updated
October 2, 2023

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Price from

$9999(per month)

Used by

Barnes & Noble, Toys “R” Us, Macy’s, Express

Oracle ATG Overview

Oracle ATG Web Commerce can be implemented on-premises or hosted by Oracle or a third party.

It’s a powerful platform with features to support personalised shopping experiences, efficient merchandising as well as the rapid launches of commerce sites for different brands, markets, or campaigns. Oracle ATG Web Commerce also has native features that allow merchants to sell more complex product lines and data-rich products, such as those that require shopper information.

Merchants using ATG Web Commerce can also tap into Oracle’s other enterprise products, including Oracle Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and more.

Reasons to use Oracle ATG

  • Robust personalisation features including tailored content and merchandise, personalised search, tailored websites, and customised marketing programs
  • Unified multisite architecture that enables merchants to share resources between different ecommerce sites
  • Data anywhere architecture to efficiently manage integrations

Oracle ATG Features

  • Robust personalisation
  • Multisite architecture
  • Flexible data storage

Oracle ATG Pros & Cons


  • Has both B2B and B2C offerings
  • Lets merchants manage and sell complex products
  • Enables merchants to efficiently personalise the shopper experience through customisable content, sites, and campaigns
  • Unified architecture that lets you manage multiple sites efficiently


  • Merchants who need to integrate with Oracle’s Order Management module will need to spend additional resources since ATG Webcommerce has no prebuilt integration for the solution
  • Reportedly high cost of ownership ($500k)
Ease of use
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