IBM WebSphere Commerce Review

Last Updated
October 2, 2023

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Price from

$9999(per month)

Used by

Target, Costco, Staples, Coach, Disney

IBM WebSphere Overview

IBM WebSphere Commerce enables B2B and B2C merchants to deliver omnichannel shopping experiences. The platform supports ecommerce, mobile, social, and brick-and-mortar. Its B2B ecommerce offering has the capabilities to support complex products and makes digital and field selling more efficient. Its B2C solution on the other hand lets you engage customers with personalised content no matter what channel or device they’re using.

IBM WebSphere Commerce has four product editions: there’s Commerce on Cloud for those who want to quickly go to market; there’s WebSphere Commerce – Express, which was made for quickly implementing an online presence; there’s WebSphere Commerce Enterprise, which was designed for high-volume companies and multiple sites; and there’s WebSphere Commerce Professional, an option for midsize businesses.

Reasons to use IBM WebSphere

  • Storefronts, which come with features, models, and best practices that enable businesses to quickly launch their online stores.
  • Customer experience management, which enables you to create and edit content without the help of IT
  • Microsites and subsites, for companies looking to create sites for various regions, brands, or campaigns
  • Order fulfilment and management features for implementing “order from anywhere, fulfil from anywhere, and return to anywhere.”

IBM WebSphere Features

  • Microsites and subsites support
  • Advanced order fulfilment
  • Optimised readymade Storefronts

IBM WebSphere Pros & Cons


  • It has capabilities to help you stay on top of multiple sites, complex products, and global, multi-brand requirements
  • Option to deploy on-premises or cloud implementation
  • Has a promising roadmap with includes improvements to in-store experiences and point-of-sale and the ability to provide deep insights through Watson Analytics


  • Integration with other IBM products may take time
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities leaves plenty to be desired
  • No multi tenant SaaS solution
  • Need to contact IBM directly for WebSphere Commerce pricing
Ease of use
Customer Support