15 Ecommerce Podcasts for Your 2020 Podcast Playlist

Last Updated
May 1, 2023

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Podcasts, in all their forms and flavors, have become an increasingly important part of the digital landscape. If you’ve already tuned in to these wide-ranging audio broadcasts, maybe while working out or carpooling to work, you know how entertaining (and useful) they can be. 

Consumer and market data firm Statista estimates that in 2019 there are 86 million United States podcast fans. The company projects that by 2022, 132 million listeners will tune in to their favorite daily or weekly podcasts. 

Putting it in perspective, 32 percent of the United States population has reported listening to at least one podcast during the previous month. This 2019 figure represents a huge increase from 2008’s nine percent listenership. Although people in the 18 to 34 demographic listen most frequently, podcast listenership appeals to virtually every age bracket.

Entertainment and talk podcasts draw a wide audience, but business-focused programs also hold their own. Specifically, ecommerce podcasts appeal to entrepreneurs searching for tips to give them that important market edge. As you gear up for a prosperous 2020, here are 16 notable programs to add to your 2020 Ecommerce podcasts playlist.

1. eCommerceFuel

If you like the idea of getting online business advice from experts who have racked up some impressive wins, the eCommerceFuel podcast is worth checking out. This lively program is hosted by Andrew Youderian, a hugely successful online retailer who created two lucrative drop-shipping businesses.

This podcast has a two-fold appeal. First, Andrew consistently passes on Ecommerce experts’ tips on starting and growing an online business. He combines these segments with regular interviews with the Ecommerce gurus themselves. Besides delivering useful information, this popular podcast serves up an ever-changing menu of humorous stories along with valuable business advice.

Notable Episodes:
  • How to Build an Audience from Scratch
  • Profit First: How to Keep More of What You Make
  • Selling Digital Products in the B2B Space
  • Strategies for Building a World-Class Network
  • Revisiting the 15 Critical Habits to Master for Building Business Relationships

2. Re:platform podcast

If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur whose current platform isn’t performing up to snuff, it might be time to make a switch. That’s where the Re:platform podcast can help. This lively bi-weekly program delivers valuable advice and instructions for migrating your ecommerce business to a more suitable format.

Re:platform’s hosts, Paul Rogers and James Gurd, have plenty of replatforming experience. As seasoned ecommerce consultants who have helped highly diverse organizations get their ecommerce houses in order, they’re in a great position to provide advice to new business owners and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

Notable Episodes

  • What’s the best ecommerce platform?
  • 10 Tips for Capturing Business Requirements Effectively
  • Magento Open Source vs. Commerce: Suitability, Feature Gaps & More

3. Mixergy

Starting (and growing) an online business is like driving a sports car along a winding mountain road. While en route to your goal, you’ll have to navigate lots of twists and turns that threaten to send you off into the abyss. To soften the learning curve, you’d like some firsthand driving tips from adventurous roadsters who have mastered the challenging course. That’s where Mixergy comes in. Host Andrew Werner has been handily navigating the ecommerce entrepreneur route for years. 

Besides sharing his own experiences, Andrew interviews other world-class entrepreneurs who have made their mark on the online world. To date, Andrews has spoken with over 1,000 Ecommerce business icons, including Barbara Corcoran, Paul Graham, Jessica Jackley, and Jimmy Wales, plus many others. For a deeper dive into solving specific business challenges, consider the (paid) one-hour “Master Class” courses from Mixergy’s recognized business experts.

Notable Episodes:

  • How to Amaze People with Big, Caring Gestures
  • Niching Down in the Crowded Space of Email Marketing
  • Have the Guts to Shut Down a Good Business to Build a Great Business 

4. Side Hustle School

If you’re exploring ways to make extra cash without leaving your current job, and you’re looking for some creative inspiration (and savvy advice), the Side Hustle School podcast is right up your alley. Host Chris Guillebeau, who also happens to be a New York Times best-selling book author, is a master at building side businesses. And, he happily shares the nitty-gritty details on his hugely popular podcast.

Chris has racked up 400 episodes to date, with each show featuring three highly diverse side hustles. Some startups take a slightly different slant on an existing business idea. However, others are clearly the product of a wildly creative entrepreneur who’s determined to turn a personal challenge into a profitable income source.

Notable Episodes:

  • Air BnB for Dogs
  • Uber for Lawn Care Mows Down the Competition
  • Hungover Accountant Starts “Morning After” Party Cleanup Service
  • Engineer Invents Best-selling Pocket Tool After Getting Locked Out
  • Government Employee Becomes Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Consultant

5. The Fizzle Show

Just like any good acting ensemble, The Fizzle Show podcast feeds off the collective energy of its three business-savvy co-hosts. Corbett, Steph, and Chase each put their creative spin on a veritable feast of business topics. You’ll get lots of genuinely useful insights while also wondering “Wait, did they just say that?”

The Fizzlers typically tackle deep-rooted issues that can hound entrepreneurs in every genre. Maybe it’s a mental glitch that keeps you from moving forward, finding a way to stand out in an already crowded market, or launching a successful enterprise when you hardly have time to brush your teeth every day. They’ll take it on, and they’ll dredge up valuable nuggets of information that morph into the solution you need. This is one of those Ecommerce podcasts you don’t want to miss.

Notable Episodes:

  • Getting Traffic to a New Website (Without Blogging)
  • Selling Online Courses: How to Compete and Succeed in Today’s 
  • Saturated Info Market
  • Uncovering Your Fears and How to Beat Them
  • Perfect VS Done: Do Your Best Work or Just Ship It?
  • How to Build the Biz of Your Dreams in 10 hours a Week

6. The Jason & Scot Show

The Jason & Scot Show is essentially an outgrowth of two collaborators’ conversations at a friendly neighborhood bar. When podcast hosts Jason Goldberg and Scot Wingo previously served on Shop.org’s Board of Directors, they often had their most stimulating discussions after the Board meetings adjourned. This weekly Ecommerce industry podcast expands on that tradition, and has an informal camaraderie that listeners love.

Each episode presents a different cast of characters and topics. Jason and Scot often feature conversations with Ecommerce experts along with relevant industry news stories. The duo’s “Deep Dives” are a podcast hallmark, and feature in-depth explorations into topics that deserve a closer look.

Notable Episodes:

  • Amazon Deep Dive 
  • On-Demand Economy Deep Dive 
  • Digital Payments Deep Dive 
  • Artificial Intelligence Deep Dive 
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Deep Dive

7. eCommerce Master Plan

Exploring the nuances of online retailing can lead to intriguing new insights and opportunities. Each week, eCommerce Master Plan host Chloe Thomas brings listeners an in-depth interview with an ecommerce powerhouse from somewhere on the planet. Some guests are hugely successful online retailers, while others operate an Internet-based store along with a brick-and-mortar outlet.

Besides providing nuts-and-bolts tips to help you through concrete business challenges, these Ecommerce podcasts offer lots of inspirational advice from entrepreneurs who have been through a similar experience – and come out even better on the other side.

Notable Episodes:

  • Bitcoin for eCommerce
  • How to Grow Fast in Year One 
  • 100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience  
  • The 3 Pillars of a Successful Subscription Business 
  • How to Grow and Sell a Bricks-and-Clicks Business 

8. Brave + Boss

If you’re looking for a female podcaster’s take on Ecommerce, check out the Brave + Boss podcast, hosted by fearless “girl boss” Kristi Soomer. She focuses on helping women with product-based companies to ramp up their brand presence, and every bit of the program’s content reflects that goal. Kristi tackles product development, marketing, and operations challenges on a regular basis.

In addition, Kristi talks about the importance of having the right mindset to make your business successful. Motivation and leadership are also popular topics. And unlike many other successful podcasts, Kristi welcomes emails from business owners who’d to participate in a live coaching call.

Notable Episodes:

  • Why Your Biz Isn’t Growing
  • Cheap and Easy Branding Hacks 
  • How to DO Analytics for Ecommerce 
  • The Best and Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received 
  • How to Free Up Your Time to Make Money 

9. eCommercePulse

The EcommercePulse podcast takes a decidedly different approach than many others. Hosted by Leighten Taylor, an ecommerce entrepreneur and website designer, this engaging program is geared to providing online retail businesses with solid advice that can help them in their day-to-day operations. Whether you’re an industry veteran seeking to fine-tune your business, or a brand-new online retailer jumping in for the first time, you’ll receive value from the in-depth interviews with Ecommerce industry experts.

Past ecommerce podcasts have featured segments on choosing a niche and finding products to sell. Leighten has also focused on building your online store’s shopping cart, increasing your website traffic, and learning how to ramp up your sales conversions. 

Notable Episodes: 

  • When Your Amazon Product Flops
  • Inventing a New Product and Selling It Online 
  • Effective Abandoned Cart Campaigns 
  • How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business 
  • Extending the Customer Lifecycle 

10. eCommerce Paradise

If you’ve dreamed about building a drop-shipping empire, the daily eCommerce Paradise podcast is a “must listen” program with a worldwide perspective. Host Trevor Fenner and his intrepid wife travel the world while creating varied ecommerce businesses. After they get each one up and running, they automate the process, and then outsource it via drop-shipping. 

The entrepreneurs’ goal is simple: To show ecommerce business owners how it’s possible to work smarter, rather than harder – and make more money at the same time. Each day, they offer ecommerce business startup and growth tips, along with tutorials on how to use high-ticket drop-shipping to keep your business going while you enjoy life more.

Notable Episodes:

  • My Secrets to Being a Successful Digital Nomad
  • 3 Steps to Get Rich Quick in 2020 
  • Best Video Marketing Strategies for High-ticket Drop-shipping Ecommerce 
  • 9 Secrets to Building a Profitable High-ticket Drop-shipping Business 
  • Best Ways to Build a Long-term Sustainable Business 

11. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Getting (and staying) inspired is the driving force behind entrepreneurial success at every level. That’s the focus of the super-energized Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast, hosted by John Lee Dumas, a former U.S. Army officer and law school dropout. Early on, he figured out that spending your time on work that inspires you, and pursuing strategies that allow you to create the life you want, is definitely the way to go.

To provide that creative inspiration, John has interviewed over 2,000 highly accomplished entrepreneurs from every arena. Although each person’s experience is different, they’re all masters at setting and accomplishing goals. John’s ecommerce podcasts are filled with that same positive energy, and he works hard to give his listeners the same experience.

Notable Episodes:

  • Tony Robbins Helps Us Master the MONEY Game with Value Bombs Galore!
  • John Lee Dumas Chats with Seth Godin
  • Barbara Corcoran shows why she is a shark in sheep’s clothing

12. The Take Traction Show 

The Take Traction Show is refreshingly different, as it shakes up the normal podcast format and adds a few fun twists. Hosted by two UK-based entrepreneurs, each episode features a brief news snapshot, and then features an in-depth dive into a topic relevant to ecommerce entrepreneurs. 

The final segment is a super-fun ecommerce game show that you must experience for yourself. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to shout out the answers during your commute or over your third cup of morning coffee. And, you’ll probably get some useful nuggets of information that will help to propel your business further up the growth curve.

Notable Episodes:

  • 5 Email Sequences You Need for Your Ecommerce Store
  • Adapt or Die – The Importance of Changing Your Mind
  • How to Build a Business You Can Run from Anywhere in the World 
  • The Importance of Funnels in Marketing (and an Amazing Magic Trick!)
  • Should I Start a Blog, Create Software or Build an Ecommerce Store?

13. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct tape’s legendary “fix anything” capability fits perfectly with this marketing-themed podcast. During each 20-minute Duct Tape Marketing episode, host John Jantsch interviews a well-known entrepreneur or marketer. He drills down on timely topics such as pricing structure, SEO functionality, and much more.

The Duct Tape Marketing Ecommerce podcasts often focus on the importance of customer loyalty and (long term) customer retention – which all begins with your customer’s initial experience. This podcast episode provides convincing reasons why establishing a great customer relationship in the first 100 days should be your top priority.

Notable Episodes

  • Paving the Path to a Purposeful Hustle
  • What Brands Need to Think, Do, and Say to Stand Out
  • Investing in Small Businesses to Do Good for the Community

14. EcomCrew

Let’s say you’re a sharp, determined businessperson who’s ready to build and scale an ecommerce business. You’d like lots of real-world advice about online retailing and drop-shipping issues, and you’d like those nuggets of wisdom delivered without any fluff. If that sounds like you, put Mike Jackness’ EcomCrew podcast on your “must listen” shortlist for 2020.

If you’ve just dipped your toes into the ecommerce and drop-shipping waters, the EcomCrew can help you get off on the right foot. Or, maybe you’ve gotten some ecommerce experience under your belt, but you’re still using some practices that have gone by the wayside (and might be hurting your bottom line). Either way, you’ll find lots of solid, actionable information you can really use.

Notable Episodes:

  • Building the Great Fantastic from the Tough World of Retail 
  • The 10 things I’m Looking for in My Next Ecommerce Business 
  • Effectively Managing Your Team, Wherever They Are in the World 
  • How to Do Sourcing Right – A Guide for Veterans and Novices 
  • Diving Deep into Untapped Keywords and Shopper Trends in Your Niche 

15.  My Wife Quit Her Job

If you want to hear words of wisdom (along with actionable tips) from entrepreneurs who’ve been there, tune in to the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast. Entrepreneur Steve Chou hosts this entertaining interview-based program that spotlights small business owners who operate red-hot online companies, and in the process bid farewell to their predictable 9-5 jobs. 

However, Steve’s podcast has one notable difference from many others: each of his entrepreneur guests began their company to somehow improve their lifestyle. And, they all “bootstrapped” their business venture, launching their company with virtually no outside financial resources, and without taking extreme steps such as alienating their family or taking out a second mortgage. You’ll hear about their journey, and also learn the strategies that propelled them to become successful online retailers.

Notable Episodes:

  • How to Get Free Press to Sell Your Products  
  • The Right Way to Outsource Your Business 
  • How to Get Out of Your Own Head and Take Action 
  • How to Create Superfans for Your Ecommerce Brand 
  • How to Manage Cashflow Issues with Your Ecommerce Business 

16. Smart Passive Income

You’ve heard about the advantages of establishing several passive income sources. Whether you’re selling a course, marketing a digital download, or offering up any number of other products, passive income can (over time) give you the traction you need. Then, you’re in a better position to structure your life in a way that works for you. Unfortunately, you don’t know where to start, and you’d like some guidance from someone who has already mastered the game. 

That’s where Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income podcast come in. Pat delivers a super-useful blend of blogging strategies, online business success tips, and proven marketing ideas. During any given episode, you might hear segments on building customer loyalty, SEO strategies, social media marketing, and business automation. Along with those helpful nuggets, Pat regularly hosts online business icons who share their own business-building secrets. Past guests have included Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chalene Johnson, and Amy Porterfield, plus many others.

Notable Episodes:

  • Podcasting in 2020 – What You Need to Know  
  • Top 5 Major Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
  • The Riches are in the Niches – The Advantage of SMALL