Google’s ‘Secret’ Retail Playbook Summary

Last Updated
May 1, 2023

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Recently, Google accidentally released a copy of their ‘Retail Playbook’, subtitled: ‘Ecommerce playbook – Creating frictionless experience across the funnel’.

The book itself was marked as ‘Proprietary + Confidential’ – we are seeking advice on whether we’re able to share it, but have included a summary here of the key advice provided direct by Google to their highest profile retail clients.

The book itself is 108 pages long, but essentially breaks down into a list of 43 key activities. Here are the suggested activities, along with recommendations how how high the impact of these is, and how easy/hard each is to achieve for most retailers.

Thanks to @danbarker for the summary. Here’s a link to download a larger version of the image

Update: After advice, we’ve included a link to the full ‘playbook’, still present on Google’s servers:

You can also find a series of other interesting guides and documents within the same directory, via a Google ‘site’ search. As with the above guide, these are largely marked ‘confidential’, so may not be there forever: