25 WooCommerce Store Examples That Will Inspire You

Last Updated
May 1, 2023

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Turning your WordPress website into a fully functioning e-commerce store is easy when you use WooCommerce.  This free plugin makes it simple to customize your site so that it’s entirely your own. If you’re just starting out, however, this can feel overwhelming.

If you’re looking to build a WooCommerce site that meets the needs of your customers, you can pull inspiration from some popular sites that are already online. Here are 25 WooCommerce store examples to help get you started!

1. Little Giants | Giant Shorties

Screenshot image of the homepage for Little Giants | Giant Shorties.

The Little Giants | Giant Shorties website uses high-quality graphics to portray its unique sense of style. With a larger-than-life slideshow of unusual images, this children’s store is able to establish itself as a less-traditional option for fashionable kids.

Outstanding Features:

  • A focus on images
  • Clearly defined product categories for easy browsing

Create It Yourself:

The Zyra theme from ThemeForest can help you create your own version of the Little Giants | Giant Shorties website. By offering a layout that enables your images to take control, this theme lets your products speak for themselves.

2. Redd Superfood Energy Bars

Screenshot of homepage for Redd Superfood Energy Bars.

The Redd Superfood Energy Bars website puts the focus right on the product. What’s more, the clean, minimalist layout is easy to navigate for any visitor.

Outstanding Features:

  • Easy-to-browse navigation
  • Featured products are displayed on the homepage

Create It Yourself:

You can find a similar layout in the ProShop theme from WooCommerce. This theme helps you create a clean website that puts the spotlight right on your products, while maintaining a streamlined user experience for your visitors.

3. Yubico

Screenshot of Yubico homepage.

Yubico’s website is modern and packed with information. With a strong balance between images and text, visitors can easily access the content they need while staying engaged and interested.

Outstanding Features:

  • Large featured image
  • A clear path leading visitors to the information they need

Create It Yourself:

You can create a website all on your own with the Homestore theme from the WooCommerce Storefront. This theme can fit the needs of your small business, providing a balance between text and images that is similar to the example above.

4. Sodashi

Screenshot of Sodashi homepage.

The Sodashi website focuses on telling a story. Throughout the homepage, visitors are introduced to the products, company, and vision in a natural order with smooth transitions.

Outstanding Features:

  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Simple scrolling to move from section to section

Create It Yourself:

The Vani theme from ThemeForest provides you with some similar options. This fully-responsive design features a mega menu, enabling you to clearly display multiple products while maintaining a consistent brand ‘story’.

5. Caesar’s Ice Cream

Screenshot of Ceasar's Ice Cream homepage.

Caesar’s Ice Cream offers high-quality ice cream flavors, imported directly from Peru. The website makes it easy for users all over the word to learn more about the company and purchase its products.

Outstanding Features:

  • Split navigation for easy browsing
  • Vivid colors aligned with the brand

Create It Yourself:

To develop a page for your own bakery or food store, check out the Ordo theme from ThemeForest. It features an easy-to-use navigational scheme, and high-quality images to show off your products.

6. Custom Seafood

Screenshot of Custom Seafood Processors homepage.

Custom Seafood keeps its website simple. With a rotating main image and a display of featured products, visitors are clearly directed to where they need to go.

Outstanding Features:

  • Clear, direct navigation
  • High-quality product images

Create It Yourself:

The Deli theme from the WooCommerce Storefront is a free theme that provides many of the same functions featured on the Custom Seafood Processors website. This theme is perfect for small businesses looking to establish an online presence easily and efficiently.

7. Heute ist Morgen

Screenshot of Heute ist Morgen homepage.

Heute ist Morgen is a German brand offering sustainable items. Its website is clean and product-focused, making for a strong user experience.

Outstanding Features:

  • Simple, clean homepage
  • Image slideshows for each product

Create It Yourself:

You can use the ToyShop theme from WooCommerce Storefront to create a similar website. Simple, clean product pages enables you to clearly display your items with this theme.

8. Printing New York

Screenshot of New York Printing homepage.

The Printing New York website uses a strong featured image to grab attention, then immediately offers visitors more information about what the company can provide.

Outstanding Features:

  • Strong featured image
  • Prominent discount notifications

Create It Yourself:

The BigShop from ThemeForest makes a similar experience possible for your own customers. This fully responsive theme helps you clearly display both products and content.

9. Hey Cookie!

Screenshot of Hey Cookie! homepage

Hey Cookie! offers frozen cookie dough through a fun, modern website. With a clean and colorful layout, this company features its brand personality everywhere on its site.

Outstanding Features:

  • Fun movement and product introduction
  • Whimsical colors that fit the brand personality

Create It Yourself:

The Arden theme from Themeforest enables you to create a stylish, personalized website that fits the personality of your brand.

10. Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles uses automated images to get visitors excited about its brand. With a clean, colorful layout, this site provides excitement without being overwhelming.

Outstanding Features:

  • Fun, colorful navigation
  • High-quality automated images

Create It Yourself:

To create a similar website, check out the APRIL theme from ThemeForest. With it, you can easily infuse your site with lots of color, and include high-quality images.

11. The Good Batch

Screenshot of The Good Batch website

The Good Batch is a Brooklyn bakery that uses its website to ship items across the country. The clean design shows off the bakery goods, as well as the location’s storefront.

Outstanding Features:

  • Large, high-quality images
  • Simple shopping cart for easy purchases

Create It Yourself:

Create a website for your bakery or foods store with the Organico theme from ThemeForest. The large main menu makes it easy to display a variety of products.

12. Balancing Motions

Screenshot of Balancing Motions homepage.

The Balancing Motions site uses blocking to keep information and images clean and clear. Its featured courses are the main focal point, pointing visitors to the right content immediately.

Outstanding Features:

  • Clean, easy-to-follow blocking
  • High-quality images

Create It Yourself:

The Undu theme from ThemeForest uses the same blocking layout, enabling you to recreate this design for yourself.

13. Disruptive Youth

Screenshot of Disruptive Youth homepage.

Disruptive Youth focuses on a clean and simple website to make its products the main focal point of each page.

Outstanding Features:

  • Clean and simple color scheme
  • Easy-to-follow navigation

Create It Yourself:

Kodo from ThemeForest is a minimalist website design, which makes your products the priority while removing clutter.

14. ChargeCase

Screenshot of ChargeCase homepage.

ChargeCase uses a modern, technical theme that reflects the brand’s focus on innovation. With high-quality images and a minimalist design, this site is direct and effective.

Outstanding Features:

  • High-quality graphs and images
  • Minimalist color scheme, making images the focal point

Create It Yourself:

The Fluent theme from ThemeForest provides you with a number of options for creating a minimalist site that reflects your unique focus and branding.

15. House of Whisky Scotland

Screenshot of House of Whisky Scotland homepage.

The House of Whisky Scotland website is a simple page that lets visitors shop for products in multiple ways. With a prominent featured image and easy navigation, this website makes user-friendliness a primary goal.

Outstanding Features:

  • Large featured image
  • Easy-to-locate contact information

Create It Yourself:

To create your own similar website, check out the BigShop theme from ThemeForest. This highly customizable layout enables you to promote your products however you please.

16. Ally’s Bar

Screenshot of Ally's Bar homepage.

Ally’s Bar lets its products do the talking on the homepage. By focusing on images rather than text, visitors can jump right into purchasing items. The clean navigation also makes it simple to learn more about the company and products.

Outstanding Features:

  • Multiple high-quality images right on the homepage
  • Prominent navigation

Create It Yourself:

The Colora theme from ThemeForest focuses on selling food online through high-quality images and unique designs.

17. Mini Learners

The Mini Learner’s homepage immediately shows off its printing style with the featured image. The main page then makes a smooth transition into some top picks for past customers, jump-starting the shopping process.

Outstanding Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Display of top products

Create It Yourself:

You can use the Galleria theme from the WooCommerce Storefront to replicate this user-friendly display of products.

18. The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Screenshot of Department of Coffee and Social Affairs homepage.

Striking images are the main priority throughout the Department of Coffee and Social Affair’s website. This modern approach pulls the visitor immediately in for a unique visual experience.

Outstanding Features:

  • High-quality images throughout the website
  • Clean, simple shopping navigation

Create It Yourself:

The Uruana theme from ThemeForest brings images to the forefront, enabling you to compel visitors to stick around.

19. Torchy’s Tacos

Screenshot of Torchy's Taco's Homepage.

The Torchy’s Tacos website does double duty, by focusing on bringing customers to a physical location and promoting online products. This is easily managed with a food-focused theme that leaves visitors’ mouths watering.

Outstanding Features:

  • Useful location display
  • Moving side navigation

Create It Yourself:

Try developing a similar ecommerce store for your restaurant using the FoodStore theme from ThemeForest.

20. Kawaii Box

Screenshot of Kawaii Box homepage.

Kawaii Box uses color to create excitement on its website. Thanks to some smart design, the layout is easy to navigate while enabling visitors to focus on the products being sold.

Outstanding Features:

  • Use of color for blocking
  • Scrollable homepage features important information

Create It Yourself:

The Larix theme from ThemeForest enables you to create a scrollable site that puts all your information in one place.

21. Roberto Coin

Screenshot of Roberto Coin homepage.

The Roberto Coin website focuses on both the jewelry it sells and the story of its designer. High-quality images throughout the site and supporting text communicates an understanding of both the designs and the creator of the brand.

Outstanding Features:

  • Automated featured image
  • Clean shopping cart design

Create It Yourself:

Using the Karo theme from ThemeForest, you can create your own standout jewelry shop. This responsive design features a revolution slider and a large main menu.

22. Henry J. Socks

Screenshot of Henry J. Socks homepage.

The Henry J. Socks website displays a clear divide between its two main product categories, socks and boxers. By making it easy for visitors to distinguish where they go based on what they’re looking for, this layout makes shopping online a breeze.

Outstanding Features:

  • Clean incorporation of text and images
  • Featured products for easy shopping

Create It Yourself:

Infuse your personality in your own website using the Pineapple theme from ThemeForest. This ecommerce layout provides a minimalist approach while still being unique and exciting.

23. Matchanna

Screenshot of Matchanna homepage.

Matchanna offers a no-frills shopping experience to its users. The clean, minimalist design enables visitors to jump right into their shopping without needing to navigate a complicated site.

Outstanding Features:

  • Simple product grid
  • Minimal text or clutter

Create It Yourself:

The BurgerSlap layout from ThemeForest lets you create your own unique website that focuses on products rather than text.

24. Striiiipes

Screenshot of Striiiipes homepage.

The Striiiipes website is another entry that focus on images rather than text. By featuring a number of stylish products right off the bat, visitors get a visual introduction to what the brand can offer.

Outstanding Features:

  • Multiple high-quality featured images
  • A simple scrolling homepage displaying popular products

Create It Yourself:

The Bazaar theme from ThemeForest can provide you with an online store that easily features your product images.

25. Wool Couture

Screenshot of Wool Couture homepage.

The Wool Couture website includes all the most vital information within the header of its site. This makes it easy for visitors to connect, monitor their shopping cart, and find more details or specific products.

Outstanding Features:

  • Displays links to popular pages
  • Scrolling design displays an overview of key content

Create It Yourself:

The Juston theme from ThemeForest provides a fully customizable layout, enabling you to feature your most important content within your homepage.


WooCommerce is a perfect solution for creating an ecommerce store that is entirely your own. With a wide variety of themes available, you can choose your favorite design and create a website that fits the unique needs of your customers.

As you can see from the examples provided, most great WooCommerce sites focus on high-quality images that clearly display the products, simple navigation, and a strong brand personality reflected in color scheme and layout design. Emulating these characteristics on your own ecommerce site will make sure that it stands out.

Do you have any examples of WooCommerce stores you love? Tell us about them in the comments section below!