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Customer Loyalty for Ecommerce

Customer loyalty is the tendency to favour the product or services of one brand over another and can be attributed to a number of reasons which will vary from one customer to another. Many businesses including ecommerce will develop loyalty reward programs, such as the collection of points upon purchases that will eventually accrue to money off a future purchase, to recognise and remunerate those customers who make repeat purchases with their brand as an incentive to retain their loyalty.

Social Annex's customer loyalty solution software is designed so users can customize and implement loyalty programs to fit with their specific business needs, with the aim of converting visitors to your sites into loyal customers.

The Beginner’s Guide To Customer Loyalty Programs from Selfstartr discusses the different types of customer loyalty programmes available and how they work to generate repeat sales and therefore maximize revenue from your website.

Kooma Looma is a loyalty programme developed for mobile and web companies. Their aim is to reward customers with points redeemable against prizes whilst increasing the bottom line.