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Competitor Analysis for Ecommerce

A competitor analysis should be part of every ecommerce business' strategic marketing plan. Being able to identify a competitor's strengths and weaknesses relative to a company's own can help a business to identify potential opportunites that could be taken advantage of and any threats to be weary of, and prepare for!


SimilarWeb.com is a market intelligence platform that provides data driven insights for any website, app or industry, worldwide.

Simply Measured

SimplyMeasured is a social analytics solution that shows you the complete picture from analysis and monitoring, to attribution and integration through Social Analytics API.

Guide: 14 Ways to Do Competitive Marketing Analysis

14 Ways to Do Competitive Marketing Analysis on Writtent shares it's analysis tips to allow you to compete more effectively.

Rival IQ

RivalIQ provides digital marketing analytics with competitive analysis, from social media analytics, SEO keyword rankings to website content marketing.Rivaliq


InfiniGraph amplifies video play rates through a programmatic mobile video intelligence platform powered by a machine learning technology called KRAKEN™ maximizing the brands effectiveness and content marketing spend.