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It’s often been said that the future of ecommerce deliveries is drone delivery, but the future is now in Iceland, with the lucky residents of Reykjavik, the country’s capital now being able to enjoy a full drone delivery service that will deliver them food such as sushi, hamburgers and even beer.

The new service comes from a partnership between the leading Israeli drone logistics company Flytrex and Iceland’s largest ecommerce company AHA. The new Icelandic drone delivery program will see a person place the goods in the drone, lock it in place for flight and then simply send it on its way. When the drone reaches its destination, it touches down where another delivery person is there to collect the order and then drive it to its final destination.

This is a lot more efficient as the normal path that a delivery driver would have to take to reach the same location is a winding one on Iceland’s roads and could take half an hour for example. The same trip with a drone however takes as little as four minutes, being able to go ‘as the crow flies’ on a much more direct route. AHA expects that they will start with approximately 20 deliveries a day this way, the only requirements being that the package being flown by drone has to be lighter than six pounds.

Unlike some other drone delivery services that have been trialled, this is not a door-to-door drone delivery program  but that is something that the partnership between Flytrex and AHA will be looking at in the future as well as delivering internationally. Maron Kristófersson CEO of AHA says:

“In the recent months there has been a tremendous increase in our online delivery orders, especially in the retail products and we are forecasting a very expedited growth in the grocery deliveries in the coming months.Over the last 4 years we have been monitoring online delivery solution technologies around the globe, and feel that Flytrex has a smart, safe and commercially viable solution to the problem. We hope to co-operate with them not only in Iceland, but also internationally in the future.”

Amazon Drone Delivery

AHA isn’t the only ecommerce platform experimenting with drone deliveries. Amazon, as well as trialling drone deliveries in the UK has also recently applied for a patent for “multi-level fulfilment centers” that would accommodate the landing and takeoff of drones in dense urban settings.

These would be vertical drone centres shaped like giant beehives in the centre of downtown city districts across the USA that would help the retailer achieve swift and efficient deliveries by drones.


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