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Most ecommerce sites rely on a complex algorithm to generate recommendations based on customers’ previous purchases. Shopping Quizzes is a new recommendation engine that relies on a simpler method to find out what online shoppers want… just ask them!

Previous recommendation engines have relied on users’ browsing history to generate recommendations, but this can be misleading. People have a variety of reasons for searching a particular subject. Writers, for example, have to research all sorts of weird and wonderful topics during the course of their work, which can lead to some, shall we say, interesting targeted advertising.

Shopping Quizzes eliminates this uncertainty by prompting users to make either/or choices in specific product categories. For example, someone buying a pair of men’s shoes may be asked whether they want formal or casual, black or brown, lace-up or slip-on etc. Shopping Quizzes uses the answers to these questions to create a personalised list of three specific product recommendations.

While this may sound simple enough, Shopping Quizzes claims that even a four question quiz can eliminate up to 90 percent of unsuitable product recommendations. According to their beta testing, users of a quiz generated 22 percent more sales than shoppers who were not prompted to try a quiz.

The bad news, however, is that use of Shopping Quizzes costs ecommerce site owners a lot of money. Prices range from $999 for one quiz per month to $2999 for four quizzes per month. Site owners have to ask themselves whether the increase in sales is worth such a hefty price tag. At the moment, it is a tool designed for sites with a wide range of different products in multiple categories, rather than the small to medium-sized ebusiness that specialises in a particular type of product.


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