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The Best Facebook Shopping Carts for Ecommerce

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to run a business without embracing social media. Over the past few years, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become involved with almost every part of our daily lives. Whereas they were originally conceived as a new way to keep in touch with your friends and share memories in the internet age, they are now so much more than that, offering services related to advertising, branding, and ecommerce.

In terms of ecommerce, Facebook is usually considered the most useful, as it provides more avenues than many other social networks for advertising, branding, and marketing your products. Indeed, many ecommerce businesses are now choosing to sell their products on Facebook using the ecommerce services that are available through its ‘Business Tool’ feature. So what can selling on Facebook do for your business? recommends Shopify Facebook Checkout service.

Why sell on Facebook?

Many businesses use Facebook to share content, engage with their customers and clients and develop their brand, and so it simply makes sense to add the sales feature onto this list. If you’re already using Facebook to market your products, why wouldn’t you want to integrate your sales onto the site, too, especially when it is so simple and easy to use. What’s more, Facebook gives you instant access to billions of new customers and allows you to engage with an audience that your website and blog content just wouldn’t be able to on its own.

It also makes sense in terms of the customer. Facebook has consistently ranked in the top three websites visited in the world, and billions of people around the world will feel more comfortable using Facebook than your own site. When your customers buy your products on Facebook, they don’t have to leave the site at any point, making completing the transaction as easy for them as it can possibly be. This could help encourage your customers to make more purchases, and significantly simplifies the selling process in a way that your own website could never do. Additionally, it can also help solve the problem of abandoned shopping carts. If Facebook users are coming back to the site everyday, they will be more tempted to complete the transaction they started the day before, reducing your losses from uncompleted sales.

What Facebook ecommerce tools are available?

To help make the process of selling your products even easier than it already is, there is a plethora of tailor-made applications out there to help you get started. A major part of the selling process on Facebook is the shopping cart, and you’re in luck as there are lots of shopping cart apps to choose from. So, to help you get started with selling on Facebook, here’s a run down of five of the best Facebook shopping cart applications out there, starting with Ecwid.

Facebook Shopping Carts

  • Ecwid Facebook Shopping Cart

With nearly 500,000 active users around the world, Ecwid is one of the most popular Facebook shopping cart applications on the market. Its popularity with ecommerce businesses comes down to two reasons: firstly, it is free; and secondly, its drag and drop functionality and customisation features make it easy to design a cart for your specific needs. In addition, Ecwid allows you to mirror your Facebook shopping cart with other Ecwid carts you already have on other websites, and vice versa, making the whole set up extremely quick and easy. It also comes with a cart management page, which allows you to view and manage all of you various Ecwid carts at once.

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  • BigCommerce Facebook Shopping Cart

BigCommerce’s Facebook shopping cart application is called SocialShop, and let’s you create a whole online shop for your products within Facebook itself. Unlike Ecwid, SocialShop requires its users to pay a monthly fee, but does come with the option of a 15 day free trial to lure you in and let you test its features. It’s not quite as popular as Ecwid, mainly because it isn’t free, but is still one of the more popular paid Facebook shopping cart applications out there. Like most of the other shopping carts, your customers won’t need to leave Facebook to complete their purchase, and you can easily transfer over all of your products from your own online shop. You can watch a video about how SocialShop can help you at the following link: 

  • VendorShop Facebook Shopping Cart

VendorShop started in 2010, and has been providing users with social ecommerce solutions ever since. The service is free, and allows you to create a shop on your Facebook business page, complete with a shopping cart. It also uses PayPal to take your payments for you, so you will need a PayPal account to use it. After Ecwid, VendorShop is one of the next most popular free social shopping cart solutions on the market, and currently has over 160,000 active users.

  • ShopTab Facebook Shopping Cart

Another paid social ecommerce solution with a free trial period, ShopTab comes in three different versions, depending on the amount of customisation and the kind of services you require. It also comes with full mobile support, and allows you to market up to 5,000 products on your Facebook store. PayPal integration is provided as standard, making the check out process even easier for your customers, and it also includes easy to use store management software.

  • StoreYa Facebook Shopping Cart

StoreYa is famous for its integration with another popular ecommerce solution, Magento, which makes transferring products and information between your Facebook and other ecommerce shops very easy. It can also be integrated with other sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Another great feature is that it allows you to offer coupons and offers to your customers, and comes in both free and paid versions, and has a free trial option.

There you have it, a list of five of the best Facebook shopping cart applications out there on the market right now. Although they all have different features and price points, each of them will allow you to make the most of what social media can offer your business.

Ecommerce Guide

Ecommerce Guide


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