Top 10 Canadian Ecommerce Sites

Last Updated
January 22, 2024

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1. Amazon Canada

Online shopping giant Amazon Canada comfortably takes the top spot in this list with an estimated 44 million visitors per month. While this statistic alone demonstrates its domination in the Canadian e-commerce market, several other data points show just how popular it is, such as:

  • Amazon Canada has a 40% market share of retail e-commerce in the country.
  • Amazon Canada was the 12th most popular site in the country in February 2023.
  • About 80,000 Canadians sell products via this online store.

Amazon Canada is one of the most diverse online stores, with products including mobile devices, fashion, toys, sports equipment, groceries, and more.

2. eBay Canada

eBay Canada comes second on the list of Canada’s most popular online retailers with 28.22 million estimated monthly visitors. This e-commerce site is used by just about everyone – from individuals and small business owners to the world’s biggest corporations.

Whatever you’re looking for – antique furniture, classic cars, or even rare Pokemon cards – you’ll find it on eBay. Plus, its auction bidding system means users get their products for a fraction of the price they’d have to pay at other e-commerce stores.

The Canadian eBay site also now features automated sales tax collection, so sellers no longer have to submit this themselves.

3. Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire attracts an estimated 16.2 million monthly visitors and offers a wide spectrum of goods to customers. Its products include sporting gear, home equipment, patio furniture, automotive parts, electrical goods, and tools.

Plus, Canadian Tire’s rewards programme has earned the company a loyal customer base that helps it maintain its status as one of the most popular Canadian e-commerce stores.

4. Walmart

Walmart is the fourth-largest e-commerce website in Canada, with an estimated 14.1 million monthly visitors. Walmart doesn’t just sell products online though, it’s also one of the biggest brick-and-mortar retailers in the world.

Its e-commerce site sells a huge variety of products, including electronics, baby products, computer hardware, fashion, and gardening equipment. There’s no doubt that Walmart will remain a major player in the Canadian market for a long time to come.

5. Costco Canada

Costco racks up an estimated 11.2 million monthly visitors and sells products such as clothes, groceries, jewellery, electronics, and gardening tools. It’s known for its low warehouse prices on big-brand items and, in recent years, has built a reputation as one of the most environmentally conscious corporations in Canada.

By becoming a member of Costco, customers gain access to a huge number of discounts and exclusive deals, making Costco a more affordable option than several other e-commerce stores.

6. Kijiji

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Toronto, Kijiji comes sixth in this list of top e-commerce platforms, with 8 million estimated monthly visitors.

Kijiji is a classified ad site where users can sell services and products online. It features an advanced search engine that allows users to filter their searches by keyword and location. Like eBay, sellers can enhance their product listings with photographs and descriptions.

However, Kijiji isn’t just an e-commerce platform – it also functions as a social platform where users can connect. This helps it stand out from other online Canadian businesses and is one of the reasons it’s so popular.

7. Best Buy

With 6.5 million estimated monthly visitors, Best Buy is the seventh most popular e-commerce store in Canada. Although it sells a wide array of products, the company is best known for its amazing selection of consumer electronics.

Best Buy is also regarded as one of the more socially responsible e-commerce platforms and engages in several sustainable initiatives, such as pledging to become carbon neutral by 2040.

With its generous discounts and top-quality products, Best Buy may well climb up this list in the coming years.

8. Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay is best known for its fashion collections and home appliances, but it sells loads of other products too, like jewellery, watches, and perfume. It has an estimated 2.4 million visitors each month.

The company’s e-commerce store is called “The Bay” and offers several perks to its online customers. For instance, most purchases over $99 have free shipping, and beauty purchases over $29 are also shipped for free.

Plus, its “Buy Online, Pickup In Store” feature means customers can make any purchase online and then collect it from one of Hudson Bay’s stores, avoiding shipping fees.

9. Home Depot

Home Depot is probably the world’s most famous home improvement retailer, so it’s no surprise that its online store attracts an estimated 11.3 million visitors in Canada each month.

It sells home improvement and renovation accessories, home appliances, patio furniture, and much more. One of its key features is its multichannel selling, whereby customers can buy online and collect in-store.

The company offers competitive pricing and amazing customer service, cementing it as one of Canada’s favourite e-commerce stores.

10. Etsy

The last spot on this list goes to Etsy Canada, with an estimated 4 million monthly visitors. Etsy is a marketplace specialising in vintage items and handmade products sold by small businesses.

It’s designed to be easy to use for sellers with little online retail experience. It also has relatively low transaction fees of 3% per sale, plus $0.25 for domestic orders and orders from the US. These fees increase slightly for international orders to 4% per purchase plus $0.25.

Etsy offers plenty of different payment options, including Google Pay, PayPal, and Klarna. So, each seller and buyer can choose their preferred payment method. Overall, Etsy is a great place for sellers to grow their businesses and reach new customers all over the world.

Canadian Ecommerce Forecast

According to the International Trade Administration, ecommerce sales hit $5.1 billion in December 2020 and in March 2022 they were around $3.1 billion. By 2025, this is expected to rise to around $53 billion in annual revenue. Clearly, the forecast for ecommerce in Canada is very positive. 

While the majority of the brands on this list are based in the US, Canada-based companies like Hudson’s Bay and Canadian Tire are making significant gains in the online retailing world.

As these two companies show, there are plenty of customers interested in specialist Canadian ecommerce stores selling high-quality products for competitive prices.

As the number of online shoppers in Canada continues to skyrocket, more Canadian companies may start to compete with the giants from the US. 


What are the most popular products on Canadian ecommerce sites?

Electronics are the most popular product category among Canadian ecommerce shoppers, with fashion and furniture the next most sought-after categories.

What are the best ecommerce platforms for sellers in Canada?

The best e-commerce platforms for sellers in Canada are:

  • eBay Canada
  • Square Online
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • WooCommerce
  • Big Cartel
  • Ecwid
  • Squarespace

How many ecommerce sites are there in Canada?

It’s currently estimated that there are around 470,000 e-commerce sites operating in Canada. They range from small sites with few visitors to mega sites that pull in tens of millions of visitors every month.

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