Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in the UK

Last Updated
January 22, 2024

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1. Amazon UK

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 397.3 million

Amazon’s UK site isn’t just leading the ecommerce game in the United Kingdom; it’s crushing it. Ranked fourth among all UK sites and in the top five online shopping markets worldwide, it’s come a long way from starting as a humble online bookstore. Now, Amazon leads in everything from tech and video streaming to clothes and groceries.

Amazon UK’s logistics are almost unbeatable, second only to Royal Mail. It’s the go-to for 90% of UK shoppers, holding a massive 30% market share. They’re huge in the job market too, providing over 25,000 jobs in the UK.

Plus, with close to 400 million monthly visitors, it’s no surprise that Amazon UK is the number one ecommerce store in the country.

2. eBay UK

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 235.1 million

Unsurprisingly, eBay’s UK website is the second most visited ecommerce platform among British shoppers. As a bustling ecommerce site that caters to every kind of buyer and seller, it’s a close contender to Amazon UK.

What makes this ecommerce site so popular is its mix of Amazon’s perks – like a massive customer base and the trust that comes with a big brand – with its own unique advantages. With regular promotions and ties to the popular Nectar card loyalty program, eBay knows how to keep shoppers coming back.

It’s also the best ecommerce platform for selling online. Selling fees are generally lower, and sellers have the flexibility to auction items or offer them for direct purchase. When sellers don’t want to create their own ecommerce website, they comfortably turn to eBay as a strong solution.


  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 73.4 million

Established in the UK in 2000, ASOS has evolved into a global fashion sensation. It currently stands as the third most popular website worldwide in the online fashion and apparel category. It offers an extensive array of over 850 brands, plus its own trendy British online fashion and accessory lines.

Their dedicated marketplace, simply known as ASOS Marketplace, is a great platform for anyone looking to sell vintage items or their own designs.

Its popularity extends well beyond the UK, delivering to nearly every corner of the world from its UK, US, and EU hubs.

But despite being one of the most popular sites for online shopping, they anticipate a sales decline of 5% to 15% in the 2024 fiscal year.

4. Argos

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 56.7 million

Argos is another popular household name in the UK. This retail giant brings a little bit of everything to the table – from toys to tech, fashion to furniture, and much more.

Nearly everyone in the UK is just a short hop from an Argos store, but it’s the appeal of their online store with same-day delivery that keeps customers coming back.

Their product range of over 60,000 items further entices customers to shop on the platform. With partnerships with big names like LEGO, Dyson, and Samsung, Argos is more than a retailer; it’s a lifestyle enabler for a wide range of shoppers.

5. Etsy UK

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 54.91 million

Etsy UK is all about unique finds and handmade gems. It’s not as big as eBay or Amazon,  but it’s remained a go-to for those who love something unique and tailor-made by independent artists and crafters.

Etsy focuses on delivering a great search and discovery experience while building a trusted brand. When a hot niche product gains traction on social media, shoppers flock to Etsy – whether for jewellery, craft supplies, homeware, or clothing.

Additionally, Etsy has expanded its reach through acquisitions like Depop, Reverb, and Elo7. These platforms operate independently but share resources such as products, marketing, technology, and customer support.

6. Next UK

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 39.2 million

Next UK is a trendsetter in British fashion and homeware. Established way back in 1864, they’ve been outfitting the UK with trendy clothes, shoes, and home goods.

With a customer base of 3 million and counting, Next isn’t just selling its own products; it also stocks Lipsy clothing – a popular brand that caters to young women. But the real game-changer? Their online marketplace hosts an impressive range of popular third-party brands.

In just three years, Next doubled its marketplace brands from 500 to 1,000, and they’re not hitting the brakes anytime soon.

7. Marks & Spencer

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 35.7 million

Marks & Spencer, a name associated with quality worldwide since 1884, has thrived in the ecommerce space. With an average monthly traffic of around 35 million visits, their online presence is as strong as their traditional stores.

This British retail giant, with 970 stores in the UK and 450 internationally, is a go-to for clothing, home goods, and gourmet treats. They offer free delivery, easy store pickups, and hassle-free returns, making shopping a breeze.

Their online clothing and home sales soared by 10.9% in 2023. This growth was fueled by better delivery services and strong demand for click-and-collect. Their market share also increased, mainly due to the impressive performance of women’s clothing, supported by improved customer perceptions of style, quality, and value.

8. Asda UK

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 31.1 million

A big name in British supermarkets, Asda is backed by American retail giant Walmart and one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the UK. With Walmart’s reputation as a top-tier ecommerce platform in the US, Asda brings that same credibility to its online grocery delivery service.

At Asda, you can fill your digital cart with fresh groceries, Asda’s George Clothing brand, and stylish home products. 

While they do offer a range of goods, their forte is groceries, making them a go-to online platform for fresh produce shopping right from the couch.

9. Tesco

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 29.6 million

Right behind their main competitor Asda, Tesco is another British favourite for online shopping. They draw in just under 30 million site visitors monthly, all vying for the convenience of a digital grocery store at their fingertips.

What sets Tesco apart is its dedication to customers. The Clubcard loyalty program offers personalised discounts, and they’re expanding their one-hour delivery service for ultimate convenience.

Tesco’s success boils down to their commitment to offering the best prices and value to customers. This commitment to affordability has made Tesco the most budget-friendly among full-line grocery stores.

Furthermore, Tesco’s online performance is strong. Their market share has increased by 71 basis points year over year, indicating their ability to attract customers away from online competitors.

10. Currys

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 27.9 million

Currys, originally a computer store, has grown into one of the UK’s top ecommerce platforms. Today, you can shop a wide range of tech, including TVs, cameras, smart devices, and more.

One of the many reasons that makes Currys appealing is the options they offer their customers. Not only can you buy online, but you can also reserve your desired product online and then pick it up in-store if that works best for you.

Curry’s ecommerce platform keeps it simple. They use smart recommendations based on what you’ve bought before and what you like.


Where does the UK rank in the global ecommerce industry?

In the global ecommerce industry, the United Kingdom ranks as the third-largest market with 4.8% of the market share, following China and the US. With annual online sales of £169 billion in 2023, it’s a major player even though it’s smaller.

How big is the UK ecommerce industry?

The UK’s ecommerce market is estimated to be worth £221.45 billion and is projected to soar to £592.64 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 21.76% during this period.

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