Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in the USA

Last Updated
January 22, 2024

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1. Amazon

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 2.6B

We’ve all been there, clicking “Add to Cart” on Amazon, haven’t we? It’s no surprise, given that Amazon reigns supreme as the top ecommerce site not just in the USA but globally.  Its revenue reflects its popularity, drawing in a whopping $143 billion in the last 12 months ending September 2023.

What sets Amazon as the top ecommerce site is not just its extensive array of products, but its innovative approach to online shopping. It’s the site where you can find virtually anything, from the latest gadgets to everyday essentials.

But it’s far more than retail. Amazon has also dived into groceries with AmazonFresh, entertains millions through Amazon Studios and its Prime app, and powers countless businesses with Amazon Web Services.

2. eBay

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 689.8M

eBay, a giant in the ecommerce world, began its journey in 1995 as “AuctionWeb.” What set eBay apart was its auction-based format, a fresh take on online shopping that allowed users to bid for products.

Staying current, eBay developed a user-friendly app, making it easy for people to bid, track, and buy items anytime, anywhere. They’ve also upgraded their search and recommendation systems with smarter algorithms, enhancing the shopping experience.

Today, with millions of active users, eBay stands as one of the top ecommerce companies. 

3. Walmart

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 517M

A household name in America since the 1960s, Walmart is a digital and brick-and-mortar retailer giant. Its focus on low prices is what makes them so successful – and it shows in their numbers. Walmart racked in an astounding $82.1 billion in online sales across 12 months ending in October 2023.

Walmart isn’t just a place to grab your weekly milk. Online, it’s a whole universe of products. You can snag the latest electronics, update your wardrobe, or redecorate your living room. isn’t just about what Walmart sells. In 2009, they opened up their platform to other sellers – a game changer. Suddenly, you’ve got even more options, from unique finds to top brands, all in one place.

4. Etsy

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 499.8M

Etsy, since its launch in 2005, has been a global marketplace where over 2.5 million sellers meet almost 500 million shoppers looking for something unique. This ecommerce platform started as a solution for artists to sell their work online, and grew from a few hundred to millions of sellers.

A unique aspect of Etsy is the personal shopping experience. You can chat with sellers, request custom items, and feel like you’re part of a creative community.

Etsy’s success stems from its effective revenue model. They charge sellers a fee to list items and take a cut from sales. Plus, they’ve got these cool add-ons like SEO to help sellers get noticed by more shoppers. 

5. Target

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 224.9M

Ever popped into a Target store?  Well if you’ve ever travelled to the US, there’s a good chance you have given it’s the second-largest department store in the U.S. But did you know Target’s online presence is just as impressive? In 1999, Target leapt into ecommerce, turning its website into a shopping hub.

Target’s ecommerce platform ensures a seamless shopping experience. Order online, opt for curbside pickup, or get same-day shopping. Their app takes it further, offering rewards, letting you vote on charity funding, and even organise your shopping lists.

Target’s success secret? Owning 41 brands! This smart move gives them a unique product lineup, pulling in more customers. And hey, it’s working – they bagged $75.49 billion in online sales by October 2023.

6. The Home Depot

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 199.8M

When you think of home improvement, one name stands out: Home Depot. Whether you’re looking to do a complete home makeover or tackle a DIY project, Home Depot’s online store is your digital toolbox.

Besides their brick-and-mortar store chain empire, their digital presence is excellent. Their app, in particular, is like having a personal home improvement guru in your pocket. With augmented reality, you can see how a new sofa or fridge would look in your space before you buy. 

Home Depot’s success lies in its sharp focus on one category and strategic acquisitions, especially in ecommerce, which now makes up 6.4% of its revenue. This smart play has paid off big time, with a hefty $37.7 billion in online sales revenue by October 2023.

7. Craigslist

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 170.6M

Craigslist is an online store where pretty much anything and everything is just a click away. Since its launch in 1995, it’s become more than just a classifieds site; it’s a virtual marketplace connecting millions across the US.

Need a new apartment? Check. Looking for a rare vinyl record? It’s probably there. Want to offer your skills as a freelancer? Post away. With sections covering jobs, housing, sales, services, and even community discussions, it’s a convenient resource.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just browsing, Craigslist offers a unique mix. Sure, you’ll find the usual suspects like electronics and media, but it’s the blend of the every day and the extraordinary that keeps users coming back.

8. Best Buy

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 167M

Best Buy, starting as an audio shop in the 1960s, is now a top spot for all things tech. In 1983, they shifted to consumer electronics, and they’ve been on a roll ever since.

They teamed up with GeekSquad in 2002, making tech support a breeze. As the top consumer electronics retailer in the US, they always have their customers covered – whether it’s setting up your new TV or fixing a laptop.

As shopping moved online, Best Buy kept up. Their website now offers way more than just basic computer electronics and mobile devices. You can find baby products, outdoor living essentials, and just about anything related to health and wellness.

Best Buy’s ecommerce store stands out with “Best Buy Drops,” an innovative approach leveraging their mobile app. During the holiday season, it provides exclusive deals available in limited quantities, creating a sense of urgency. What sets Best Buy apart is their ability to tailor pricing and timing for these offers to entice buyers.

9. Wayfair

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 122.3M

Wayfair is where your home decor journey begins. Started in 2002 as CSN Stores, it’s continuing to grow into a bustling online marketplace. Here, over 10,000 suppliers from around the world showcase an array of furniture and home goods.

The secret to Wayfair’s success is smart technology. They use machine learning and data science to help navigate through their extensive catalogue, making your search for that perfect sofa or lamp an easy task.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of tech experts and designers works to keep the shopping experience smooth and inspiring. It’s no surprise then that they managed to rake in a decent $12 billion by September 2023.

10. Costco

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 122M

The last of our top ecommerce sites is Costco, another retail giant where users can find everything they want and need. Costco has made its mark not only in its massive warehouse stores but also online, where over 45% of its members contribute to its ecommerce sales.

Globally, Costco operates over 855 warehouses, and each one is like a city of products that offer quality and value that’s hard to beat. Its Kirkland Signature brand, in particular, reflects its commitment to quality.

Costco’s success boils down to smart growth, great prices, and a loyal membership base. These factors consistently boost their sales, resulting in an impressive $56.72 billion in online sales revenue by November 2023.


How many ecommerce companies operate in the US?

As of 2023, there are approximately 13.98 million ecommerce sites operating in the United States. This makes the U.S. home to about 53% of all ecommerce websites globally, far exceeding any other country.

What is the most popular online store in the US?

The most popular online store in the US, as indicated by consumer feedback, is Amazon. It’s no surprise given that Amazon holds the position of the leading U.S. ecommerce giant with the largest market share.

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