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Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in Brazil

As the largest economy in Latin America and the 5th largest country in the world — both in landmass and population — Brazil has an interesting e-commerce market that rivals many countries and pioneers in some unique ways. 

Of Brazil’s 209 million inhabitants, 150 million are internet users, making it the 4th largest internet market globally. Of these individuals, 58 million were said to have made at least one purchase online in 2018 (26 percent of the country’s population) up 6 percent from the year before. 

Despite suffering an economic downturn from 2014 to 2016, Brazil is bouncing back with strong results in its e-commerce sector. In 2018, it was reported that Brazil’s total e-commerce sales reached US$32 billion. Up 18 percent from the previous year. 

What makes Brazil particularly unique is its rapid growth in mobile commerce. According to a report by Ebit, 42.7 percent of online purchases in Brazil were made from mobile devices in 2018, a staggering increase of 41 percent compared to 2017, and it’s expected to rise. Americas Market Intelligence suggests this figure will reach 55 percent by 2022.

Another feature unique to the Brazilian e-commerce industry is the option and preference to pay for high-value goods in installments. This is so common that in 2018, more than 45.8 percent of purchases were made in installments, leaving only 54.2 percent paid in full at the time of checkout. 

Top 10 Brazilian Ecommerce Sites

While Amazon makes the cut, as it does in most countries, the Brazilian top 10 is notably mixed with both local and international e-commerce sites; very few of them the big American mega-players that most countries are unable to avoid. 

The major Brazilian players comprise traditional department stores, turned e-commerce champions, as well as pure e-commerce contenders, all vying for the attention of Latin America’s most massive audience. 

Argentinian brand Mercado Livre is, so far, the reigning champion of the Brazilian e-commerce market, with Amazon far down the list at number four, beaten by the Americanas online department store and OLX marketplace. 

1. Mercado Livre

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 260.93 million

Mercado Livre is an Argentinian-founded marketplace that allows users, both individuals, and businesses, to buy and sell items through product categories, including vehicles, technology, home appliances, and more. 

Reaching Brazil in 1999, Mercado Livre has become the most popular e-commerce site in the country, as well in other markets across Latin America. 

2. Americanas

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 134.58 million

Americanas is a Brazilian e-commerce site, launched by the brick and mortar retail chain Lojas Americanas. In-store, they operate in three categories; convenience stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. Online, Americanas covers the entire range, offering automotive goods, phones, and phone plans, toys, TVs, computers, tablets, audio and home theatre equipment, fashion, games, furniture, and more. 

Owned by B2W Digital Group, which also owns other top 10 brands, including Shoptime and Submarino, Americanas is currently the number one Brazilian e-commerce store. 

3. OLX

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 99.78 million

OLX is a Dutch online marketplace, founded in 2006, which now operates in 45 countries, including Brazil. The platform enables users to buy and sell goods and services in a wide range of departments, including properties, cars and parts, home, electronics, fashion and beauty, agriculture, industry, and more. 

OLX Brazil is the 16th most visited site in the country, with its users’ most active category being computers, technology, and electronics. 

4. Amazon Brazil

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 54.93 million 

Ranking much lower than we typically see is Amazon, the American-founded e-commerce giant with a leading presence in e-commerce sectors across the globe. Founded back in 1994, Amazon has had a significant head-start in the e-commerce market, making its offering one of the most diverse in the world. 

Offering the broadest range of goods from books to fashion, food, accessories, electronics, games, streaming, and more, Amazon Brazil is providing strong competition for Brazil’s existing e-commerce brands. 

5. Magazine Luiza

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 50.15 million

Brazilian brand, Magazine Luiza, is one of the country’s most prominent retail organizations, with 800+ brick and mortar stores spread out throughout the country. Magazine Luiza offers consumers retail items, including computers, consumer electronics, televisions, media equipment, furniture, home appliances, and more. 

Launched in the 50s, Magazine Luiza has long been a household name in Brazilian retail. With their online expansion came even further growth, allowing them to reach a wider audience across the geographically vast country. 

6. Casas Bahia

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 36.35 million

Casas Bahia is a Brazilian home appliance and furniture retail store which has more than 700 brick and mortar stores across Brazil, as well as the 6th largest e-commerce site in the country. 

Online, Casa Bahia offers a diverse range of goods in categories including kitchen, airconditioning and ventilation, audio, automotive, electronics, as well as fashion, accessories, perfume, and more. 

7. Netshoes

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 35.79 million

Netshoes is a Brazilian pure e-commerce store that specializes in the sports retail sector, offering customers everything sports-related from shoes to clothing, accessories, sports equipment, supplements, and more. They manage online stores for Latin American sporting brands as well as other global sportswear brands. 

Since their launch in 2000, Netshoes has expanded its presence in Latin America, winning favor in Argentina and Mexico, while continuing to be an online sports e-tailer of choice amongst Brazilians. Netshoes even represents the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

8. Submarino

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 33.31 million

Submarino, part of the B2W Digital group, is a Brazilian e-commerce business that was founded in 1999, making it one of the country’s e-commerce pioneers — originally focusing on books and consumer electronics and since expanding its range drastically.

Today, Submarino offers goods in product categories including books, home appliances, games, cell phones, TVs, audio and home theatre equipment, computers, fashion, sports, supplements, furniture, decorations, beauty items, perfume, and even travel deals. 

9. Shoptime

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 19.46 million

Another member of the B2W Digital Group, Shoptime, is a Brazilan retailer that made its debut on a home shopping channel, TV Shoptime, back in the 90s. 

Since its time on TV, Shoptime has become an e-commerce megabrand in Brazil offering customers a range of international and local brands in departments like home appliances, electronics, party supplies, craft supplies, books, musical instruments and more. 

10. Dafiti

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 17.38 million

Dafiti is yet another Brazilian e-commerce success story. Launching in 2011, Dafiti capitalized on the online fashion and footwear markets, building an audience of loyal shoppers excited about their range of men, women, and children’s fashion products. 

Since 2011, Dafiti has expanded its range to include homewares and sports products, as well as clothes, bags, accessories, perfumes, beauty products, and decorations. Today Dafiti operates in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. 


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