Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in Mexico

Last Updated
January 22, 2024

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1. Mercado Libre

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 109.4 million

Mercado Libre stands at the top in Mexico’s ecommerce game, leading other popular ecommerce sites in Latin America. Originating in Argentina, the company has made its mark in 18 countries. It’s the go-to ecommerce site in many other Latin American countries.

You’ll find a range of categories, including tech, fashion, groceries, and personal care products. But Mercado Libre isn’t just for casual shoppers; both individuals and businesses use it to sell their products.

What really keeps Mercado Libre on top is its unwavering focus on making the customer experience better. They’re big on fast delivery, and their refund and return policies are straightforward, which keeps customers happy and coming back.

2. Amazon Mexico

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 108.4 million

Amazon Mexico stands out as a top player in Mexico’s ecommerce scene. Originally founded in the US in the ’90s, Amazon didn’t waste time expanding into Mexico, quickly becoming a big name in the online market.

Think of anything you need, and Amazon Mexico probably has it. Their virtual shelves are packed with over 250 million items. Apart from physical goods, you can dive into digital worlds like Prime Video, Amazon Music, and a huge selection of ebooks.

Amazon Mexico is also a solution for local SMEs to give their sales a nice boost. This is thanks to the unique setup of Amazon Mexico – it has its own store, where you can find products sold both by Amazon and other sellers.

3. Walmart Mexico

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 41.9 million

Walmart Mexico has been a household name in retail since arriving in Mexico in 1993. With around 2,600 physical department stores, they’re a familiar sight across the country.

Their online platform is just as impressive, offering a vast range of products that cater to all your needs. Whether you’re looking for daily essentials or something special, Walmart Mexico’s online store has got it all.

Walmart has effectively transformed its brick-and-mortar stores into a thriving ecommerce model. It uses its physical stores as places to fulfil online orders. This means customers can buy products directly from the shelves in their nearby store through, instead of depending on an outlying warehouse.

4. Coppel

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 67.5 million

Coppel is a true Mexican success story. It’s the first Mexican-founded brand on this list. Grupo Coppel isn’t just holding its own against international competitors; it’s giving them a run for their money. The company is at the forefront of digital transformation in Mexican retail, thanks to significant investments and innovative strategies. 

A prime example is their integration of digital kiosks in over 1,750 stores nationwide. These kiosks have completely transformed customer interactions, offering convenient online browsing, payment, and direct home delivery of products.

Coppel is like a megamarket, both in its brick-and-mortar stores and online. You can find just about anything here – from the latest electronics and home furnishings to fashion and sports gear. They even dip into automotive and travel products.

5. Liverpool

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 28.5 million

Liverpool is another popular ecommerce destination in Mexico, both online and with its extensive network of physical stores. Known for stylish clothing, shoes, accessories, and leather goods, Liverpool has been a retail powerhouse since 1847.

Liverpool’s online store makes shopping a breeze thanks to its sleek design and easy navigation. Of course, the range of products is impressive, from chic clothing items and beauty essentials to home decor and even mobile phones.

Impressively, this ecommerce platform ranks 4th in the Mexican ecommerce marketplace, following close behind Walmart while ousting Mexico’s AliExpress.

6. The Home Depot Mexico

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 12.2 million

The Home Depot Mexico is the ultimate playground for home improvement enthusiasts. It’s the Mexican arm of the famous American department store chain: the “one-stop shop” for everything you need to spruce up your home.

What’s great about The Home Depot Mexico is the sheer variety of stuff you can purchase. Their online platform is super extensive, offering a wide range of products, including DIY essentials, construction materials, and decor and garden supplies.

The website is straightforward to navigate, making it easy for internet users to find exactly what they need for their next home project.

7. Sam’s Club

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 10.5 million

Sam’s Club, brought to life by Sam Walton, is like the VIP club of shopping in Mexico. It’s a members-only retail haven, part of the Walmart family, known for its warehouse-style stores both in the US and Mexico. Shopping at Sam’s Club is all about exclusivity and getting great deals on a wide range of products.

The website’s interface is clean and straightforward, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

The big draw at Sam’s Club is the constant discounts, especially on electronics. But you can expect enticing discounts on their other departmental store items too, especially with a membership. While users must be members to shop, it’s worth it for full access to savings and selection.

8. Shein

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 9.8 million

This popular Chinese retailer is all about fast fashion at your fingertips. In 2022, the Shein app became the most downloaded in the fashion and beauty category in Mexico, racking up over 17 million downloads.

This global player has made waves not just in Mexico, but across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa too, attracting fashion-forward shoppers with its blend of style and affordability.

When it comes to staying on-trend without spending a fortune, Shein is the go-to choice for many shoppers in Mexico. Regular discounts just sweeten the deal, keeping fashionistas coming back for more.

9. Costco Mexico

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 7.2 million

Costco Mexico is another giant in the league of hypermarkets, offering quality products at prices that make consumers smile. With around 40 stores across Mexico, it’s huge in the retail world, especially after boosting its ecommerce game since the COVID pandemic.

Their online store is a bargain hunter’s dream. Costco’s focus is on providing the best possible prices, no matter the department. From prime beef and organic foods to electronics and home goods, shopping at Costco means you’re in for some great deals.

It’s a membership-only experience, but for those who join, it’s a ticket to a world of quality products with great prices.

10. Sears Mexico

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors (2023): 5.9 million

Sears is another household name in Mexico. With around 75 stores dotted across the country and a strong online presence, Sears is a go-to destination for a variety of quality products.

Their online store is a mirror of what they offer in the US, providing consumers with a wide array of choices in home goods, fashion, electronics, sports equipment, and beauty products.

It’s like a digital department store that’s open 24/7, right at your fingertips. The website, which was launched in 1999, isn’t just about online purchases; it’s a hub for promotions, services, and everything Sears.


How big is the Mexican ecommerce market?

The Mexican ecommerce market is expected to reach $611 billion in sales by 2024, marking a significant 31% increase compared to previous years. Among all Latin American countries, Mexico closely trails Brazil, ranking as the second most popular for online shopping, according to Statista

What makes Mexico an attractive market for international ecommerce sellers?

Mexico draws international ecommerce sellers for several compelling reasons. With accessible digital marketing and relatively low competition, it provides an easy path to building a consumer base. Notably, platforms like Amazon and Mercado Libre simplify market entry by offering fulfilment services, removing worries about payments and shipping for international businesses.

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