Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in Mexico

Last Updated
May 1, 2023

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Despite being one of the largest e-commerce markets in Latin America, Mexico still has a long way to grow. It may have 88 million internet users, but this only makes up 67 percent of its population. And most residents sit at a medium-income level, meaning there is a lot of potential for growth as the wealth of the country increases, and more of its population comes online. 

Those who are online, however, are well versed when it comes to ecommerce shopping. According to the Mexican Internet Association, 60 percent of internet users reported purchasing online within the first three months of 2018.

Pair this digital literacy with improvements in connectivity, logistics, and improving financial inclusion, and Mexico makes for a market full of e-commerce potential, with a value of USD 21 billion, according to the last report from the Mexican Internet Association in 2017 — twenty percent up from the previous year. 

Mexico also has an interesting opportunity to capitalize more on mobile commerce, a segment that is suggested to make up 31 percent of online purchases. 

Top 10 Mexican Ecommerce Sites

Analyzing the Mexican e-commerce market, we have taken a dive into SimilarWeb to bring you the top 10 highest performing e-commerce websites in Mexico. 

Making the most of Mexico’s growing e-commerce market are the US e-commerce mega brands that dominate markets across the world. In fact, amongst Mexico’s top 10 e-commerce sites, are seven brands born out of the US. Only two, Liverpool and Coppel,  are Mexican-founded brands. 

That’s not to say there is no room for Mexican brands, however, as the appetite for online goods strengthens, so too does the opportunity for more e-commerce players to enter the market. Multichannel brick and mortar retailers are seeing significant growth in their online channels estimated to make up 25 percent of overall sales. A powerful indicator that the demand is there.  

1. Mercado Libre

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 127.64 million

Mercado Libre is a marketplace created by the Argentinian e-commerce and electronic payments company of the same name. Mercado Libre, which has a foothold across Latin America, reaches upward of 170 million consumers. 

The marketplace allows users, both individuals, and businesses, to sell products across a range of categories, including automotive, technology, home and appliance, fashion, beauty, personal care, supermarket and more. 

2. Amazon Mexico

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 63.76 million

The highest-ranking of the US e-commerce brands, Amazon started in the US in the 90s and didn’t take long to expand its presence across the border to become an e-commerce super-power in the Mexican online sector. 

Offering the biggest range of goods across almost every category that one could think of, Amazon Mexico customers lean on the site most for consumer electronics and technology, followed by software and games. Amazon also offers digital products like Prime Video, Amazon Music, ebooks, and more. 

3. Walmart Mexico

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 27.66 million

Walmart is not only the largest retail organization in the world, but it is also the biggest online department store in Mexico, operating in the country since 1993 as Walmart de Mexico with various bricks and mortar stores across the country. 

Since the introduction of its e-commerce platform, Walmart Mexico has cemented itself as the most popular variety store in the country offering goods across three overarching categories: supermarket, electronics, and home, within these, Walmart covers consumer needs for everything from groceries and pharmacy items to fashion and electronics, plus a whole lot more.

4. Coppel

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 23.21 million

The first Mexican-founded brand on our list, Coppel, is a department store chain that first opened its doors in the country in 1941. Still operating through brick and mortar stores, as well as online, Coppel has upward of 20 stores across Mexico and an online presence that is fiercely rivaling the American competition. 

Coppel today is a megamarket, both online and in-store, offering a wide range of goods from prominent brands across categorie like electronics, home and furniture,fashion, automotive, sports, and travel. 

5. Liverpool

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 21.81 million

Liverpool is a Mexican retail company with chains of department stores across the country, as well as a significant online store. Owned and operated by El Puerto de Liverpool Limited, Liverpool has placed itself against stiff competition such as American rival, Walmart. 

Online Liverpool caters to a range of customer needs, providing products in categories, including women’s, men’s, babies and children’s, home, wines, as well as trips and experiences. 

6. Sam’s Club

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 6.9 million 

Another brand from across the border, Sam’s Club is an American members-only chain of retail warehouse clubs, which falls into the Sam’s West, Inc. organization, which is owned by Walmart. The brand operates both online and through various stores in both the US and Mexico. 

Sam’s Club offers its members competitive prices on a wide range of items in departments like home, electronics, automotive, accessories, and more. 

7. Home Depot Mexico

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 6.45 million

Home Depot Mexico is an extension of the American Home Depot brand, the most extensive hardware, and home improvement supplies retailer in the United States, which also holds a significant presence in both Canada and Mexico. 

Home Depot Mexico exists in both brick and mortar stores across the country as well as through its only platform where customers can buy home supplies for bathrooms, decor, electrical, hardware, tools, lighting, yard, and more.

8. Best Buy Mexico

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 4.59 million

Best Buy is an American consumer electronics retailer, one of the largest in the US and also in Canada and Mexico, as well as China, via a subsidiary. 

In addition to brick and mortar stores in Mexico, Best Buy is the countries largest consumer electronics site offering goods including home, computers, cell phones, tablets, and a host of other items. 

9. Sears Mexico

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 4.08 million

Sears is a US-founded department store chain that is owned and operated by Grupo Carso in Mexico. Sears Mexico set up in Mexico through brick and mortar stores as well as online and today boasts 75 locations across the country, as well as a thriving e-commerce site. 

Sears Mexico offers the same product range as it does in the US, delivering consumers quality brands across departments like home, fashion, electronics, sports, and beauty, among others. 

10. Ticketmaster Mexico

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 3.25 million

Ticketmaster is one of the most prominent ticket sales and distribution sites in the world, originally founded in the US in 1976 and since expanded to more than 50 countries following a merger with Live Nation, which saw them produce live concerts as well as selling tickets. 

Ticketmaster Mexico is the number one site for ticket purchases, everything from concerts, sporting events, art, theater, broadway shows, family events, and more.